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March 12th, 2012

Belmont University Musical Theatre Department presents RAGTIME in Fall 2008. “Ragtime [Prologue]” is from Ragtime, the musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. It features: Brittany Church (’11) as Edgar (Little Boy), Zach Pannell (’09) as Father, Kara Farmer (’09) as Mother, Nathan Meyer (’09) as Younger Brother, Michael Rosenbaum (’10) as Grandfather, Deonte Warren (’10) as Coalhouse Walker Jr., Ella Glasgow (Alum) as Sarah, Joe Cornelius (Community Performer) as Booker T. Washington, James Lombardino (’09) as Tateh, Laura Beam (’10) as Little Girl, Tommy Wallace (’11) as Harry Houdini, Lauren Turner (’10) as Houdini’s Mother, Devin Clevinger (’12) as JP Morgan, Ben Laxton (’11) as Henry Ford, Jessica Blair (’09) as Emma Goldman, Stephanie Jones (’09) as Evelyn Nasbit, Brad Lawson (’10) as Stanford White, Calvin Malone (’12) as Harry K. Thaw, The Ensemble includes: Caleigh Alessi (’12), John Laing (’12), Audrey Filson (’10), Whitney Garmon (’09), Logan Kemper (’09), Maria Logan (’09), Regina Rigney (’09), Maggie McDowell (’11), Jordan Parkyn (’11/’12), Erik J. Christensen (’12), Calvin Malone (’12), Catherine Birdsong (’10), Keith Bishop (’11), Brad Lawson (’10), Christopher James (’09), Elizabeth Smith (’10), Millie Ledbetter (’10), and Stephanie Brandenburg (’09) as PEOPLE OF NEW ROCHELLE; Raychel McKelvy, Piper Jones (Commercial Music ’12), Alora Alexander (Fisk U), Ceandris Williams, Shantoinette Bradley (Fisk U), PJ Morton (Fisk U), Eric Copeland (Fisk U
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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12 Responses

  1. jolrax says:

    Bartlett Highschool in IL are performing this! Come see early april! Check Bartlett? Highschool Homepage

  2. justinlovespastry says:

    Must do this show..?

  3. MrDIZZANATOR says:

    i pitched this show to my? teacher and now we are doing it i am so excited and i told her to watch belmont u do it because they are AWSOME

  4. starvingartist109 says:

    watching this? video makes me want to do this show so bad!

  5. Storywizard1948 says:

    @ncasey1187? Its a girl playing the role! Read the credits!

  6. aclmk33 says:

    This is absolutley? stunning.

  7. twipottfan says:

    I am currently rehearsing for this show. Tonight we blocked the emma goldman at union? square sceme, my mother actually is one of the people who falls to the floor, we couldn’t stop laughing after rehearsal

  8. 1MissKarlieStarr says:

    Speechless… Beyond words? 🙂

  9. Kdelossantos2 says:

    @amc768 Some people say that in the? book it is implied that the bay is clairvoyant.

  10. usedtoliketosing says:


    Thanks! I look forward to trying to come? and see both!

  11. usedtoliketosing says:

    Every single time I come back to this video, I cry a little. Does anyone know what Belmont is putting on for their fall production this year? My husband? goes to school there and probably gets convo credits from attending these performances.

  12. mrandycoleman says:

    @thefortefinale: I agree that? Edgar is clairvoyant in some moments… But he and Mother interact with Tateh and the Little Girl in Act 1 (Nothing Like the City).

    Looks like this was a great production from a few years back. I’m lucky enough to be in a cast going up in Pittsburgh soon. Hell of a show.

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