RARE ESSENCE – “TAKE ME OUT TO THE GO-GO” – LIVE @ The Howard Theater 1982

February 13th, 2012

Rare Essence Live performance of “Take Me Out To The Go-Go” recorded Live at the Howard Theater, Washington DC in 1982.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Wonder Girls performing “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC with a little tap remix!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JuiceBoyz100 says:

    Dis? joint crank

  2. jesusneverexisted300 says:

    We want you movin’
    we want you really groovin’
    and we know you can’t? deny
    that you told her you were shy
    but she’s not your girlfriend
    so you call her on the phone
    when you think she’s all alone
    what do you do when you’re home doing nothing
    Take me out to the go-goooo!

  3. jesusneverexisted300 says:

    I had this tape. I? miss it so much.

  4. Hartm20032004 says:

    Dam, they took this joint way up to the top of the bridge then dropped it off? at 12:06.

  5. lhardy38 says:

    i deffinatly got to get this on cd,is there anyway that i? can order this particular cd from you

  6. Hartm20032004 says:

    I was 16 then and I? was probably there. This is one of the best TMOTTGOGO I’ve ever heard. DAM!!!!

  7. 7Daddysgirls says:


  8. medsray says:

    @KaiGirl2 The center? in 0.28

  9. KaiGirl2 says:

    whos sohee??

  10. magaaliii says:

    Holy crap Sohee’s voice! She really surprised me!? WOW

  11. theonlysin says:

    HOLY? CRAB!!!!! SOHEE!!!!! She improved dramatically!!!

  12. YeParkie says:

    So Hee!!!!!! <3333 And I really love 2Ye's? duet!

  13. Aifatul says:

    Ahn Sohee indeed can sing. the articles really pissed me off about Sohee nominated as worst singer!! OMG!! Do they even checked/watched/ WG tour performances in the US(i mean they? can check Youtube right?!)??? unfair enough

  14. KazuuuX3 says:

    Awesome performance!!! They all sound so good… and OMG Sohee’s part she really sounds good O__O and? at the end 2YE’s vocals, wow!!!

    WonderGirls are really talented, they are the best~~ Go WGs!!!

  15. ayutini19 says:

    I? know they gonna survive and become the best girl group in the whole world not only in k-pop…

  16. ladyahie says:


  17. uatkimcuong96 says:

    SoHee WOWS me?

  18. mira8947 says:

    hello to ALL wonderfulsss! thers this voting poll conducted at MBC website, hence i’m asking fr all support from the wonderfuls to vote for the wonder girls! i dont know any official place fr american fans of the wonder girls, hence i decided to post it in here! so, hurry hurry, click click click. bcs of i cant send the link here, just type variety.mcot.net/mbc/vote on google, AND vote for? the girls!!

  19. Panisola says:

    I don’t understand why they should debut in America… or any kpop idols should debut here… I mean our entertainment here is… sorta crappy… ( take Boa for example… here vid directed by korean director is way better? than the American director…) Not that many people really truly care about the entertainment that goes here… I know i don’t even though I still enjoy and like the songs.

  20. joongmiesoul says:

    love? this!

  21. ayutini19 says:

    Vote Wonder Girls For MTV Daum Music Festival

    FIRSTLY to vote, go to daum.net? and search for “?????”. Under “Sexy/cute”, Wonder Girls can be found.

    Click the picture and when a? pop-up window appears, click ‘OK’.

    After you’ve voted from “Dynamic” to “Rising” (You MUST voted all of the categories), press the red button named “???????” on the top.

    Ignore the login page if you don’t have an account. Then you can vote again! (please vote as much as you can)

  22. videobyratizi says:

    Everybody type in “gift? before youtube then press enter

  23. bbhui says:

    @WonderJuniorFTW technically they trained very hard, their? improvements can be seen starting at the transition between ‘so hot’ and ‘nobody’ promotions. then before they debut in america they had even more training

  24. sergel02 says:

    have they always sounded this good? cuz whenever i watched them sing in Korean, i was never impressed, but they sing in English, a language none are super fluent? in, and i love their voices 0.O

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