Recovering From Lap Band Surgery

August 14th, 2016

For those who have a persistent weight problem that hasn’t been responsive to diet or exercise, lap band surgery is a good option to lose that extra weight quickly. It is, however, an invasive surgery, so some recovery time is to be expected.

How Long Will Your Recovery Take?

Everyone wants to know how long they should plan for recovery from this type of surgery. Each person is different, but in general, you can expect to be out of commission for four to eight days.

Some people find that they recover in record time, but others will need a full two weeks to recover. You can use past experience as a guide. Have you required longer recovery times for previous surgeries or hospital stays, such as giving birth? If so, then plan for a longer period of time to be sure that you won’t be forced to go back to work while still feeling off.

The Importance of Time Off

Technically, you could probably be back at work the day after surgery, but this is a bad idea for a number of reasons. First of all, even if you feel pretty good, your incision needs to heal. Having surgery of any kind is traumatic for the body, and it is important to recognize this and take it easy for a bit to allow yourself to recuperate.

Another consideration is your energy level. After the procedure, you’ll be limited to clear liquids for at least a couple of days, which is great for your body, but can make you feel pretty weak. Even if you’re not in pain, you will likely find that you are too weak to work or do much during those first few days.

If you do start doing too much too soon, you’ll quickly find out. Pain at the incision site and generally not feeling good are signs that you should probably just sit down and rest. While an exercise routine is very important to the success of the lap band procedure and will help you lose weight faster, you should not start hiking right after the surgery; you’ll need to wait at least a couple of weeks before engaging in any real exercise. Talk to your doctor about a good time to start.

Tips for Faster Recovery

If you want your recovery to go as quickly as possible, follow these suggestions:

– Stick to the doctor’s rules. Don’t cheat while you’re supposed to be on clear liquids or you could have complications.

– Make sure that any issues are checked immediately. While complications are rare, they do happen, but they can be treated immediately.

– Don’t drive. This can put strain on your body and for the first few days, at least, so it’s not a good idea.

Taking care of yourself is important. After all, you had the surgery to become healthier, so take the extra time to recuperate and make sure you start your new health regimen on the right foot. A couple of weeks off from work won’t make a big difference in the long run, but for your body it will be well worth it!

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