Rock 4 Barack DVD trailer (Go-Go live at The CFE)

April 6th, 2012

Live at The CFE on Election Night. Battle of the bands. Washington, DC stand up.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Presidents of the United States morphed in sequence from George Washington to (President Elect) Barack Obama. Pictures of the Presidents were found by library and internet search. Images were editted in Photoshop Elements to make them all the same size. The faces were morphed from one to the next using FantaMorph. The images were put into Vegas Pro and faded from one to the next and the face morph overlaid and? “cookie cuttered” out so that the backgrounds faded and the faces morphed simultaneously. The music is ‘Hooked on America’ performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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  1. reader642 says:

    Obama’s economic recovery plan amounts to starting a bunch of new and expensive wars–Somalia, Libya, Yemen, etc.–and prolonging Bush’s wars by way of massive troop surges. Obama is? no friend of the people.

  2. ehstandyourgroundac says:

    That was really cool animation :D? That was creepy though watching JQA’s hair grow for Jackson XD Lol.

  3. harley55100 says:

    “Anyone else absolutely LOVE Kennedy’s?? smile?”

    I just don’t get it about the obsession with JFK. Even 49 years after his tragic death, they still worship him like a God. The guy was a womanizer who had extramarital affairs with Fiddle and Faddle (Secret Service code names for two lady staff members hired mostly for sex), Audrey Hepburn (the actress), Janet Leigh (another actress), among others. I mean the guy spent a lot of his time screwing someone else’s wife, starlets, etc, etc.

  4. harley55100 says:

    It is interesting to point out that the? only time the Unites States was debt-free was under the administration of Andrew Jackson, our 7th POTUS.

  5. antisadism says:

    I feel really bad for Harrison and Garfield.?

  6. imsocooleo1 says:

    @Caxon81 hahahahahahahaha no, mitt is going to? win

  7. Caxon81 says:

    @TheChampion613,? I heard the democrats want him to win, so that obama has a better chance

  8. TheChampion613 says:

    that homophobic? douche?

  9. bozolazic says:

    …I am also told, but this I hardly believe, that their Great Chief compels every man to pay him for the land he lives upon and all personal goods – even those? he needs for his own existence – every year. I am sure we could not live under such a law.
    —Charles Alexander Eastman’s uncle – Santee Sioux

  10. antisadism says:

    Uh huh.?

  11. DrakeDealer says:

    Anyone else absolutely LOVE Kennedy’s? smile?

  12. JIMtheBUM123 says:

    @kingelvis24 He has? tried his hardest interesting how the one u claim is ‘lazy’ is African American

  13. Caxon81 says:

    @stormspotter? Lol what are you saying? Santorum’s going to win, duh!

  14. stormspottter says:

    We will need to update this this year to add Ron Paul to? the president’s list. Thumb up if you agree.

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