Ron Paul 2012 – Sly – Dank Studios (Official Music Video)

February 9th, 2012

Sly and Dank Studios come together and endorse 2012 Presidential hopeful, Ron Paul. Please, everyone register to vote and stay current on all candidates and the issues. We hope this video persuades you to gather more information about Dr. Paul in particular. Exercise your right, don’t sit back and watch. Your voice matters! This song is available on iTunes for all those would enjoyed it and would like to help support Dr. Paul’s campaign. Thank You! Credits… Artist: Sly Produced By: Big Fenix Mixed And Mastered By: Matt Edgin Video Edited By: Matt Edgin Lyrics: Chorus I’m with Ron Paul, for the long haul, The Washington machine has got this country all wrong y’all, You know where it’s at, it’s not these bureaucrats, Ron Paul 20-12, tell me where my people at, Verse 1 Everyone together, let’s end the Fed, It’s a huge reason, why were in the red, It makes the dollar fall by its mass dilution, Not to mention that it goes against the constitution, People looking for the source of this country’s trouble, How about looking for the source of economic bubbles, Paper printing and wasting, and causing hyperinflation, What we need, is sound money runnin under this nation, What a revelation, to wake up and get the facts, Don’t you know that inflation is a hidden tax, He pushed to audit the Fed, and (thanks) to him now we know, that they gave out trillions in secret loans, Theres only one man, with a way out, And’ll stop all these trillion dollar bailouts, So, let’s

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  1. nitaell says:

    Damn Good! ? The medium is the message! Get this out to the clubs…the streets…the schools…RON PAUL 2012! Y’all help Ron the best way you can: become a delegate! Delegates cast electoral votes; electoral votes win elections…not popular votes. See wwwronpauldelegatesdotcom….

  2. 3o4Titties says:

    Gotta? let the Doctor operate! Ron Paul 2012!

  3. elfroggo0 says:

    Just tried again, same thing.? Its still at 500

  4. elfroggo0 says:

    I? just liked this video. It said 500 when I clicked like. It still said 500 after I clicked.

  5. luiupr says:

    Puerto? Rico for Ron Paul. Our Republican Party Primary is in March 18, 2012.

  6. CKCrosby17 says:

    I’m with Ron Paul. Chris Fox for VP.?

  7. ashwadhwani says:

    MADE IN INDIA? hiphop song for RON PAUL


    Working hard for Paul, my pleasure, post this wherever you like, pass it? on to hiphop lovers for sure

    Thx for? comment like/dislike

    RON PAUL 2012

  8. DACM4N says:

    not? bad I like.

  9. VoteRonPaul12 says:


  10. drkflames005 says:

    Fuck the voter fraud in? Nevada! Ron Paul won Nevada, I’m 100% sure.

  11. IamJohnGalt2011 says:

    GREAT JOB on the vid man….WOW!! Added to my channel with all my RP songs, including? mine!!

  12. windshield42 says:

    fucking? awesome

  13. katsfanman says:

    OMG this has gotta go Viral great Ron Paul 2012?

  14. Jimbo898 says:

    That is a great song, love it. Keep it? coming.


  15. NietzscheDOOBIES says:

    Ron Paul?

  16. VainGame says:

    Hahaha! This? is awesome!

  17. DankStudiosTV says:

    @amillerps Not? a problem, Thank you!

  18. amillerps says:

    Blowback! Whats That!?

  19. amillerps says:

    Thank? you for adding lyrics!!! love it!!! thanks!!

  20. humble11000 says:

    Sing it everywhere you go, just keep singing? it.

  21. iHipHopVEVO says:

    Ron Paul!? From a Hip-Hop,Freedom Lover!

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