Semper Fidelis performed by the Marine Band

January 10th, 2012

The United States Marine Band, ‘The President’s Own’, perform for the annual Sousa Birthday ceremony at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington. In this video, twenty-eight members of the band march into the cemetery, play Semper Fidelis, then march off. As always, the Band demonstrates musical excellence and military precision. Major Jason Fettig is the director and Master Gunnery Sergeant William Browne is the Drum Major.

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  1. VJG11 says:


  2. chrisg21225 says:

    @17mikezzz The President’s Own has no basically trained Marines in it.They are all? professional musicains. They are required to have a degree in music, and the audition to get into this band is long and tedious. When I graduated high school in 92 i tried to get accepted. I played as well as the first chair trumpet yet lacked a degree. So I joined the FMF and became a grunt. What years were you in and what was your MOS??? What unit were/are you with?? When is/was your EAD??

  3. GuyLyddonable says:

    @davevak All the British Guards Infantry regiments wear them (that’s 5 regiments: Coldstream Guards, Grenadier Guards, Scots Guards, Welsh Guard and Irish Guards) Their purpose is that they’re too thick to be penetrated by a lance, so you can lower them if your being charged by Lancers or Uhlans. However because of their cost they’ve always been seen as a symbol of any? Elite infantry, and there actual use is dubious, because who has the balls to simply look away if your being charged?

  4. sherrb1158 says:

    My Daddy is a deceased USMC, Norwood, OH, who enlisted in 42. He boarded a train at 17; he said he was 5’11; he was 5’7 1/2”; he was lying about his age; He fought in the Pacific/ Korean War.? Bougainville was Dad’s worst nightmare, kept him up at night. Dad’s records are reportedly all gone, burned apparently. I just want to find his campaign ribbons. I still have his military ID. Barbara (Nauer) Sherrill; 812 W South St; Alvin, TX 77511

  5. lawomega1 says:

    Now now ,boys and gals must stop bickering ,I throughly enjoyed watching the whole performance of the band ,and the music was of high standard ,and? it was lovely to see the drum major wearing a bearskin . Ofcourse we wear them in our own bands in Britain and other countries in Europe and as you all know our cultures are very similiar ,be proud America because your armed services are superb ,because most of the world are safe because of you!

  6. MattTheBandKid says:

    @asianwannabeamerican unless you’re in “the president’s own” They tecniquily aren’t marines.? They don’t even have basic traning. This band will never go to the field. They are privatly reserved for the president. It’s like a regular Symphony Orchestra. These marines aren’y riflemen.

  7. TheNegan1 says:

    @asianwannabeamerican not to be disrespectful,? but this does not apply to the President’s Own. You don’t even go through basic training to be a part of the President’s Own. You just receive the salary, benefits, & uniforms, pretty much, but you get no training. The field bands, however, are a totally different story. Those are the musicians who are Marines first.

  8. jed371 says:

    @vaq33ens? The British Grenedier Guards wear the Bear skin as a battle honour

  9. 17mikezzz says:

    OK, I was in the Marine band. The Presidents own (which this is NOT) are MOSTLY professional musicians with some Marines in it. They work out of DC. They do not march or drill. They may stand in parade formation but mostly sit down and play as a professional orchestra would. They play mostly at state functions. Every Marine base (almost regardless of how small) has a? band (which this appears to be) and THEY are Marines in every way first with band as their day job. Riflemen and women 1st!

  10. BritainF0rever says:

    @camoblackhawk Thats rather rude dont you think, I think your mother didnt teach you manors because she was out throughout your childhood fucking for? bus fare…

  11. camoblackhawk says:

    @frayedknotarts that is true. ? my brother is a Marine.

  12. camoblackhawk says:

    @BritainF0rever fuck off.?

  13. dasteufelhund says:

    @asianwannabeamerican That does? not apply to members of “The President’s Own”

  14. BritainF0rever says:

    Stolen from? the British much…

  15. thefword123 says:

    @vaq33ens no pipe band wears the bear skin! the bands of the foot guards of the house hold division wear bear skins,. the pipes and drums wear a busby or feather bonnet, and the bear skin comes from a tradition of after beating an enimy the winners would steal part of their uniform as a trophy, many regimental bands still wear the bear skin and thats where it came from but at some? stage the brits bet them and theyv worn it ever since in the foot guards.

  16. mcmikel61 says:

    Hate to think this is? Obama’s own. But I must respect the president of my country. Oh my word. It deserves far better.

  17. cptjeff says:

    @Adele418 They’re recruited from music programs to be professional musicians. Yes, they may get basic military instruction, but to pretend that they’re soldiers first and foremost who just happen to play music is simply wrong. They’re not. They’re full time, professional musicians- probably the best in their category in the world. They’re recruited from the same? places as any other professional orchestra would recruit from- not a very ‘soldiery’ demographic.

  18. UKOGBN says:

    @Bubo25 I cant see how that can be true , British foot guards only started using the bearskin after the battle of waterloo, were the 1st Foot Guards defeated the French? Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard and took the title Grenadier Guards and the bearskin

  19. chikadorough says:


  20. natix981 says:

    @anajeremiah probably he has? mutation ;( OMG only

  21. angelynputri says:

    Damn !? he is sooooooo handsome … #NangisDarah

  22. jennifermichal says:

    @yupskis101 That’s the? most ignorant shit i’ve ever read..

  23. 5CherryBlossom says:

    Ahah! So cute, 0:32 that girl dancing behind those whit ladies!!? 😛

  24. JDthatsME3M says:

    sounds well? different

  25. bonbontang40 says:

    @OneAndOnly9803 i? think its 0:19

  26. DoowopBrazil says:

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  27. country1097 says:

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  28. anajeremiah says:

    his voice -_-? uhmmm

  29. CarsonLockwood says:

    @Amandii123 nahh they’re just round silver ear rings haha kinda looks like? it though

  30. Pooia5 says:

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  31. Amandii123 says:

    does? he have gauges?!

  32. yupskis101 says:

    Oh shit his voice is deep he won’t have? his career for long poor babe

  33. OneAndOnly9803 says:

    People say he messed up? on here but I can’t find it??

  34. NiMALMi says:

    OOOMG? LEGACI !!!!

  35. mrscutie9081 says:

    I love you? so much!!!!!!! You are so cute!!!!!

  36. samicrystal07 says:

    His voice? is so sexy?

  37. koekie159 says:

    He’s gorgeus!!?

  38. 7418529631314 says:

    @cajuwh22 he hit his puberty?

  39. cajuwh22 says:

    voice changed <3?

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