SOJA – Here I Am

March 30th, 2012

SOJA – Here I Am – Album: Born In Babylon Soldiers of Jah Army (SOJA) is a reggae band based in Arlington, Virginia in the Northern Virginia / Washington DC area. Starting as an active band in 1997, their music is produced under the record label Innerloop. Biography: Jacob Hemphill (vocals, guitar) and Bob Jefferson (bass) met in first grade shortly after Hemphill had returned with his family from living in Africa, where Jacob’s father was a defense contractor in Uganda. He and Jefferson then met Eric Rogers (keyboards, harmony vocals) (later replaced by Patrick O’Shea in 2003), Ryan Berty (drums), and Ken Brownell (percussion) in middle and high school. After forming SOJA, they recorded their first album, the self-titled Soldiers of Jah Army, independently with sound engineer Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios in 2000. The band released their first full-length album, Peace in a Time of War, in 2002. SOJA then released a Dub version of the album titled Dub in a Time of War in 2005. In 2006, the band released Get Wiser, their second full-length album. It debuted in the Top 10 Reggae Albums on iTunes and has remained in the top 100 since its release. The album release party was held on January 6, 2006 at The State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia. It consisted of two separate sets, with the opening set being older songs, and the second set being Get Wiser in its entirety. The show was recorded and was released as a DVD, known as the Get Wiser Live DVD, on November
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22 Responses

  1. Coerced says:

    The tune? on the guitar is so addictive

  2. Robert165 says:

    I listen SOJA all? day

  3. ianacematheus says:

    musica? mto fodaaaaa

  4. judgeharrell46 says:

    This is my favorite song soja is one of? my favorite groups!

  5. jerleb0837 says:

    Hey Youtube Friends!? Go check out “Key to my roots”. It’s me and my brother? having fun making music. we only started a couple weeks ago but not stoping anytime soon. Enjoy:)

  6. mirrerixost says:

    Music? is the most high! 😉

  7. logemister says:

    There is no way you? can sit still while listening to this. the rhythm dances with your soul.

  8. alokmih says:

    Linda , $: ‘ Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasil s2! ?

  9. FerUrdaneta1 says:

    She calls me when t’m in town i pretend i’m not around But she sees on her screen i? am So here i am,here i am

  10. angelbby9119 says:

    i? love this song <3

  11. MegaLoreana says:

    Jacob? Hemphil vc e fooooooodaaaaq

  12. isa221054 says:

    get a life… how the hell does SOJA make you feel? like snoop doggy dogg?

  13. JuannVT says:

    fuck yeah to hear? this song being high and in half speed, i feel like fucking snoop dog

  14. DeadHeadDUB says:

    honestly. i just found? these guys like 3 days ago. and im addicted. jahjahbless

  15. MrShido808 says:

    This is a great song not jus cause im high. Its cause its? catchy and a lot of people can relate to this dudes words. two essential keys to really good music.

  16. JaylaKanna says:

    Stupidest? 12 people ever.

  17. skates4volcom14 says:

    best song? to listen to period!

  18. JBSoutlaws says:

    Also? when you are high mate…

  19. MyNameWasYours says:

    How does anybody even find the? dislike button whilst high.

  20. MikeyNoelSays says:

    Hahaha bro everyone loves Jacob hemphill, and rightfully? so.

  21. jessen430 says:

    bob would be proud of? you all

  22. ZasinZack says:

    man.. everything is great about these guys except their dam lead singer. he sounds like a rat… gotta lose him im sorry. I still love? em tho

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