‘Star Wars’ Choir Performance – John Williams, Moosebutter

January 20th, 2012

Kiss a wookie, kick a droid… Western Washington University Mens Choir sings “Star Wars” by John Williams, arranged by the a Capella group Moosebutter (Mister Tim) for their Winter Choral Concert “Music in Motion”. The piece was conducted by Tim Fitzpatrick. We added some coreography for our performance as well, check it! In case you were wondering, this arrangement is comprised of 6 Steven Spielberg movies and their respected soundtracks from John Williams. They are in order: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Superman ET : The Extra-Terrestrial Jaws Jurassic Park For more information about this piece, arrangement, lyrics etc. Go To: moosebutter.com Thank You Moosebutter for featuring the video on your Star Wars page under the ‘Video’ section! Once again: moosebutter.com (Then click Video)…there’s other awesome ones too. *Special thanks to my roommate taking the film! That was amazing.* John Williams is the Man!!!!

An Unforgettable Evening Yolanda Adams Live In Concert gospel

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25 Responses

  1. timbit2011 says:

    Ohmygosh I’m in UMens this year? and I love this song! Wanna sing it again!

  2. wowdanalise says:

    @awesomeinabox123? Male choir was never lame.

  3. KatrinaMess says:

    WooKEY! WooKEY! wooKEY! wooKey! wooKEY!?

  4. Brentiskool95 says:

    Steven Colbert is on the far? right

  5. memorexdrc says:

    What kind of? world do we live in where choirs do songs from videos on YouTube…

  6. 123jonnyjr says:


  7. gottarunrs says:

    i so? with i was there for this.

  8. iLiKeCeRe says:

    @TsaladsSeggs? which one? there’s like 2

  9. 166xomekxujek374 says:

    Guess some ppl haven?

  10. 208Luckygirl says:

    46 people didn’t let the wookiee win. As a result, they had their? arms ripped out of their sockets.

  11. nicool1987 says:

    this is absolutely brilliant..!!!?

  12. Tang0Fox1 says:

    @IloveyouLenaKatina You’re? welcome.

  13. IloveyouLenaKatina says:

    @inuyashakagome10 No, its one of the singers…big shaggy afro, bottom row, third in from the right…you can see him yelling and shaking his fist @ 3:58. And? yes, it is awesome! 🙂

  14. RodneyBernett2O11 says:

    The harmony @ the end? is the best part…lol

  15. footyclub1 says:

    the bassplayer(lanar?) already received several boxes of? cigars from me

  16. candysweets07 says:

    The key? changes in this song gives me goosebumps

  17. candysweets07 says:

    Love? this performance!

  18. nyenyebaby100 says:

    this is a very good song
    your not? dancung to take somebody home!Q

  19. zingalom says:

    @asianpersuasion08 I just chopped up both versions with a program called Audacity. If you? want, I can just send you the mp3 of the song I made. Just give me an email address

  20. asianpersuasion08 says:

    @zingalom how did you do that??

  21. LaShawn71234 says:

    Yolanda? Adams is the greatest…!!!!

  22. pistonsfanforever says:

    Sing Yolanda! Love you!?

  23. Rhythmangel24 says:

    yolanda can get? down!!!!! Oh shoot!!! LOL

  24. zingalom says:

    I prefer the studio version of this song better. But that vamp she added here is off the chain. I actually made myself a “Best of Yolanda” cd,? and put the vamp from the live version at the end of the studio one so it sounds like it’s all one song. I love me some Yolanda.

  25. jnbjproductions says:

    me and my sisters listen to this tap…(yeah tape) bouncin around in a geo tracker? goin to Choir rehearsal and concerts!!!!!…..man i miss this album(yeah I said album)

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