Stormy Weather – Dan’s Big Band

January 31st, 2012

Dan’s Big Band w/ Guest drummer Butch Miles August 26th, 2007 First Baptist Church San Saba, TX =============== Stormy Weather by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler Featuring Stephen Goacher, saxophone =============== Personel – (my memory is hazy fill me in if you know) Director: Dan Ingram Saxes: Paul White Stephen Goacher Stephen Cox ? Frank Nelson Trumpets: ? ? John Timpani ? Trombones: Jay Smith Gannon Phillips ? ? Guitar: Lance Beaumont Piano: Dennis Lambert (Now Airforce Band of the West piano player) Bass: ? Drums: Butch Miles Aux Perc: Jason Smith

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  1. bigchris0886 says:

    I honestly have to say this is the best version of Stormy Weather I have seen on youtube, with an alto on lead that is. I am about to play with an alumni group and I’m on lead. I just had a few ideas of how to ride the solo. It sounded like this one was mostly improv? Nevertheless, great? job and a thumbs up and a favorite from me!

  2. BeatlesFanatic98 says:

    Just to fill u in, one of the trumpets? is Jason Howard.

  3. IndependentGeorge76 says:

    very nice indeed – the alto player’ sound is kinda like Johnny Hodges, which is never? a bad thing in my book

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