Swan Lake by American Ballet Theatre in 2005

September 1st, 2012

Swan Lake by American Ballet Theatre in 2005

Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a clip outlining the Team Mixer (Banquet) for Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2012. Intro song is Yaari sung by Preet Mani, up and coming Toronto talent! The DJ/MC was DJ Binda from DC’s Platinum Productions. Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2012 was held in Washington DC at the Warner Theater on March 3 2012. Formore information about the show please visit www.elite8bhangra.com or www.emdoentertainment.com www.gabroo.tv – High Definition Bhangra Videos… Gabroo Tv, the #1 website in the world dedicated to true Bhangra promotion and preservation… Gabroo Tv has captured an endless amount of priceless memories relating to Punjabi Virsa in the United States, and throughout the world… The goal is to preserve these priceless moments for an endless array of coming generations, so they may be able to have a learning guide to help keep the culture alive…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Morgan Rise says:

    Does anyone know what the piece is called when? it changes at 1:42:00

  2. Luther DeMyer says:

    It is not a “Russian Thing!” If you? took the time to watch this you can see their technique. I do not think that this is the best but certainly not the worst. I honestly don’t like Russian Ballet. I think that the Royal Ballet really now what they are doing. If you want to dance you can, not just the Russians are the best!

  3. delgott jeannette says:

    …Merveilleux !.<3<3<3.?

  4. Xiaolian7 says:

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  5. PointeDreams123 says:

    It ‘s a dancer thing. We have been specially trained to change fast by the secretive SPH society (Superman Phone? Booth). well, not so secretive anymore…

  6. knperson says:

    How was she able to change so fast at the beginning???? she was like superman int he phone booth!

  7. snomis79 says:

    Kennedy? Center Opera House Orchestra.

  8. KaileeDa says:

    0:03:05? is when it starts!

  9. MrRepublican22 says:

    Anyone know which musical ensemble? is performing this piece?

  10. little mouse mouseears says:

    That was absolutely amazing, and beautiful!!! :)?

  11. monsieurdepompidou says:


  12. jackalqueen says:

    Cuz he’s the? bad guy!

  13. Enchanted1208 says:

    Why did Isaac Stappas get booed at? I thought he was? pretty good?

  14. lvalentinel says:

    its nice that odette is ginger in this? one, it makes her easier to single out

  15. Tisiphone2 says:

    yup, it’s Gillian Murphy ? :)

  16. francofile714 says:

    1:21:33 – 1:24:38 soooo hot. what i would give to be the girl in? pink……or any of the four “princesses”
    1:24:38 – 1:25:30 just brilliant! flawless.
    1:25:59 i love how he doesn’t even bow because he’s just too awesome…..

  17. llamalover02 says:

    Ha! Yes! Odette is? a ginger xD

  18. thepalacemaid says:

    I cant believe they changed the Russian Dance? into Rothbart’s dance!!!

  19. crushesonlycrushyou says:

    Danse Espagnole – Tchaikovsky? [:

  20. rawlsnot99 says:


    I defer to your superior knowledge on the subject. ? Richard.

  21. potterheadlife says:

    Gillian Murphy is such an? exquisite dancer. Amazing characterisation and dancing. Beautiful dancer. Always.

  22. PrincessDeep says:

    nypd? is so sexy .

  23. PjCrakerzTipsey23 says:

    bukan jatt -? morni

  24. grewalr6 says:

    SONG at 9.00 please

  25. PrincessDeep says:

    that guy from APD with? the black and purpless aa cutiee(L)

  26. Sandy Gill says:

    what was the song bhangra knights danced too? I? love itttt

  27. pinkprincessbubble12 says:


  28. grewalr6 says:

    i guess? its surjit khan

  29. neelhayer36 says:

    At 2.00 itz Aman Sandhu… Jatti mein punjabi di..and 6.44? jattan de munde by ravinder grewal…

  30. neelhayer36 says:

    Itz Jattan? de munde by Ravinder Grewal….

  31. neelhayer36 says:

    Itz nice 2 see behind da scenes…NYPD rockz…but i don no why dt sardar boy singing. .crazy? boy….

  32. ravindersutithree says:

    sukhdev bitta? 😉 “salma”

  33. ravindersutithree says:

    ravinder greawal “jattan de? munde” 😉

  34. nikaaustad says:

    for punjabigabru580 ? singer name is sukhdev bitta

  35. nintendo929daking says:

    name? of song at 6:44 please peeps

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