The Localz Cult of Personality Cover Song in Washington NC

March 25th, 2012

A local band known as “The Localz” performing “Cult of Personality” at “BB’s Sports Bar” located in Washington North Carolina… Lead Guitar: Garyn Mizelle Drums: David Clark Guitar/Bass: Mike Mizelle Bass: Jeff Bullock (mia) Produced By: David Winstead
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. havoc288 says:


  2. TheHelghastNation says:

    The best of all covers. I love this voice! Make me remember David Rasner ^^
    Just? awesome 😉 Congratulation!

  3. fishflop71 says:


  4. ryanh1852 says:

    CM PUNK!!?

  5. Eagaida says:

    holy CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP? that was all amazing best cover

  6. cokernator says:

    holy crap! you three are awesome! Guitar awesome. Drums awesome. Bass awesome.? Vocals – I thought i was listening to Corey Glover.

  7. guitardaze says:

    Nice!!! you? guys are a killer three piece!!

  8. TheLocalzBand says:

    Appreciate it!

  9. TheLocalzBand says:

    Thank you!!!?

  10. TheLocalzBand says:

    Thanks for the kind words!?

  11. EddKonnekshun says:

    Excellent, i realy wasn’t expecting the vocalist to? be that good, fantastic .. Peace.

  12. starfishprimestudios says:

    that was @$@#ing awesome dudes.?

  13. KakashiBallZ says:

    damn…AND he’s playing the? bass. Fucking bravo!

  14. Frostylyxxx says:

    Awesome cover guys?

  15. kiren77 says:

    what the hell not even 10k views
    we have some? talent here

  16. TheLocalzBand says:

    youtube booted all of our videos for copyright infringement but? I’ll get it back up soon.

  17. GTAJoel says:


    I mean the tempo of the whole song. It’s quite fast in my opinion.
    Anyway: Nice cover!?

  18. stevieVantanna says:

    I’m trying to find you’re? guy’s cover of Devil went Down…

  19. Arjayphotography says:

    Excellent cover!!!! I hate cover bands with a passion, but this group changes? my mind. Everything works – drumming is strong, lead is very good and the vocals in particular are spot on!! Love the folks ‘dancing’ in the foreground 🙂

  20. dafababa says:

    “BB’s Sports Bar” also known? as some dude that is friends with the band’s garage.

  21. mixwell1983 says:

    Agree but? FYI Aretha didn’t sing in originally, it was Barbara Lynn did.. Aretha covered it..

  22. honduhottie says:

    this is when white people took songs from bleck folks and tried to make it there
    own. his version sucks? arethas is better sorry.

  23. zeboczulu says:

    loved geno saw him loads of times in 60s I have most of his first? singles Ramjam band were ace!

  24. spotbelly says:

    wow? this is archival! some great photos, too!

  25. ZEUS1938 says:

    Hi thanks its? nice to know there are some people who do appreciate good music

  26. DanielJGreenJr says:

    So few views? and comments. People would love this if they saw it. A beautiful thanks.

  27. ZEUS1938 says:


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