UCLA band performs Lady Ga Ga’s Bad Romance during halftime @ UCLA vs. Washington State

January 21st, 2012

*WATCH IN HD (better sound quality)* UCLA band performs Lady Ga Ga’s Bad Romance during UCLA vs. Washington State football game October 2, 2010

For the High Quality video, copy and paste &fmt=18 at the end of the URL box, then press enter. The Washington Capitals rock-inspired 2008-09 in-game opening with the BABY BLUE SOUND CREW!!!!!! yes i know its fuzzy and blocky but it was really clear when i got it, youtube just fuzzed it up. And uh.. blocked it up.

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  1. gabbygrl925 says:

    Woo Rancho Verde-3 :p?

  2. RAMBO10366 says:


  3. noob9167 says:

    The only band i can hear is escondido high? school. All the other bands suck

  4. SheWhoPlaysBaritone0 says:

    Pep band MUSIC!!! haha. MAn thAt? looks like a lot of fun!

  5. 193614 says:

    arroyo? high school!

  6. 805irvin says:

    Pacifica? High School -:D

  7. qwertyuiopfeb says:

    woooo? bell high school

  8. IRuleThatSax says:

    Haha let’s go? RANCHO VERDE!!! best band… Middle of the 50 yard line!!!:)

  9. LeftyChipper says:

    Oh Yea? Hoooooooveeerrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. werewulfiepup says:

    Woot Woot Palo Verde Valley!!! Band of 8 or Less Wind Players lolz!!!?

  11. ShellyKellyTenisha says:

    @MysticYew7 OMG are you the guy?? i cant remember? your name 🙁

  12. MysticYew7 says:

    @ShellyKellyTenisha @ShellyKellyTenisha Yeah S El Monte! I? was one of your ucla guides! 🙂

  13. MysticYew7 says:

    @ShellyKellyTenisha Yeah S El Monte! I was one of your ucla? guides! 🙂

  14. ShellyKellyTenisha says:

    I? was theree! SOUTH EL MONTEE!!

  15. TheSithLord31 says:

    hey im in that video!! yess!!? RANCHO VERDE!!!

  16. mdrocklee says:

    Citrus? Hill High School!!!!!

  17. mdsprtt says:

    Citrus Hill High? School!! 😀

  18. RoCkStR15GrL says:


  19. dugzician77 says:


  20. gabyvillanueva25 says:

    woot go color gaurd i was porforming in? it EPIC

  21. TheMarMar0810 says:


  22. arcassells says:

    damn it i miss? these days

  23. tyrkispeberandcoke says:

    let’s go? ovie

  24. eMthefall says:


  25. crosbylikesmen says:


  26. Utomlennaya says:

    this is genious!!! ?

  27. Th3Juic3 says:

    Am I the only? one who did not realize that this song is “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory?

  28. JBishockey says:

    Hahaha Backstrom looks so awkward? on the bass. Stick to hockey guys

  29. TeruSskaaa says:


  30. lalusska1 says:


  31. KristyLovesNikkiSixx says:

    @captaincanuck7 Semin too. ?

  32. 3GBlog says:

    If we spent? less time making dumbass music videos and practising more maybe we wouldn’t have flopped in the playoffs…

  33. thethkshow says:

    This? gets in my top 10!

  34. xXkrazykitsuneXx says:

    @phillyphan2111 It’s called “Having? a laugh”, you should get the stick out of your ass and try it some time. It’d do you a world of good.

  35. chadly68 says:

    Type PRIZE before youtube and hit? enter

  36. phillyphan2111 says:


  37. phillyphan2111 says:

    @Woblesawy yes i’ve seen the caps rap that is god awful crap too.. the fact that players? like Mike “I think I’m so f’in cool” Green actually showed up to cameo in that video really speaks volumes…

  38. Woblesavvy says:

    @phillyphan2111 Have you seen The Caps Rap??

  39. phillyphan2111 says:

    @RypientheBeast37 You’re defending this video” If my team was part? of this display of idiocy I’d be EMBARASSED!

  40. phillyphan2111 says:

    @HAMZACOOL007 HAHA this? video is the lamest thing i’ve ever seen!

  41. phillyphan2111 says:

    @aaronin2d Are you? 14? You aren’t embarassed by this display???

  42. phlfly10 says:

    what is wrong with this team? Coach does stupid, really dump, commercials and team copied a band. I thought they should copied hockey and play hockey. You can see for mile the AOL influence,? just one sad story. Hockey is not show business.

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