US Army Band “Pershing’s Own” Spirit of America ’08

March 13th, 2012

US Army Band “Pershing’s Own” perform during the Spirit of America Tour 9/19/08 In Worcester, MA
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The Count Basie Orchestra: Sonny Cohn, Pete Minger, Darle Carley (tp), Bill Hughes, Dennis Wilson, Grover Mitchell, Booty Wood (tb), Danny Turner (as), Bobby Plater (as, fl), Kenny Hing (ts), Eric Dixon (ts, fl), Johnny Washington jr. (bs), Count Basie (p), Freddie Green (g), Cleveland Eaton II (b), Jo Jones (d).

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  1. cubybull says:

    @Wawrinka5 Army Strong?

  2. nitemare2008 says:

    makes me? PRoud to be a Pershing Rifle.

  3. lclaughton says:

    We all have reason to? be proud of this Wonderful Army Band!! Very Impressive indeed…

  4. lclaughton says:

    My mistake? I was responding to officer sonny with my remarks… all of you fine soldiers… …

  5. lclaughton says:

    @Triumph100Rider You are right on! I was preassigned to the 26TH Army Band, Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island New York…except, E5 was a little more of challenge and longer than a shorter period of time…It was very competitive in this Band..I made E5 just? months before I said good bye to the Army or it was off to Viet Nam…I chose to become a civilian again…The experience with this band and NEW YORK CITY remains beyond description as an unforgettable experience..I love NEW YORK!

  6. lclaughton says:

    @slikrok593 I HOPE YOU READ THIS..I can not imagine what this guys problem is!? What inappropriate comments! I am far more concern about his legitimacy as a soldier. You certainly have a right to be proud of your loved one who served with distinction in a very fine US Army Band. I had the honer of being a part of the 26TH Army Band in New York City and we always show respect as fellow band members and as soldiers. .Bless you and your departed loved one.. ..

  7. TBONEYOU44 says:

    @Triumph100Rider That’s not entirely true. You start off as an E-4 and get paid as an E-4 through BCT and AIT. The bandmembers in The Pershing’s Own aren’t Army Bandsmen. Regular Army bandsmen are MOS 42R. Pershing’s Own are MOS 42S. Takes? a little more to be in this band.

  8. KAhrensJoker2 says:

    @Wawrinka5? “Army Strong”

  9. TxInfinity says:

    @Wawrinka5 The first song is the Army “Theme song”. Don’t confuse it with the actual army? song.

  10. officersonny says:


    army strong theme? song

  11. Triumph100Rider says:

    For those interested in becoming an Army Bandsman. You DO have to go through Basic Training. Then it is off to The School of Music where you train alongside Navy and Marine Corp musicians. Once you “audition out” of The School of? Music you are assigned to a band. It isn’t bad duty, the pay is good — E-3 during Basic and AIT, then a fast promotion to E-4 upon assignment to a band. Most are E-5’s within a short period of time.


    @Gregoryspds1 army strong is? the name of the 1st piece

  13. karenstoy says:

    @Gregoryspds1 It’s called? Army Strong

  14. The3rdTrumpet says:

    its called Army Strong?

  15. OscarPetersonFan says:

    @robertvas12361yahoo Basie’s? historic drummer Jo Jones!

  16. robertvas12361yahoo says:

    whos the drummer lpease? tell me anyone

  17. DebbSaxx1 says:

    Great!!!! I’ve heard this chart played fast as this video and and slower (another Spanky is online, too). Which tempo did Basie use first or did he vary it through the years. It? sounds more “Basie-esque” when it’s played slower.

  18. DebbSaxx1 says:

    @andersoulful If it ain’t played with passion it ain’t playin’.? 🙂

    What a treat to hear this video. It was like finding a bit of heaven.

  19. 2grouchy1 says:

    @PowerToasty he was a member of the Basie band and Basie never had anyone but the best. Or at? least I nevver heard anyone who wasn’t a master of his instrument.

  20. 2grouchy1 says:

    Count Basie is one of? my favoite artists, he swung everything he ever played and only Count used the piano as he did. He left us much too soon, it seems tpo me that his nickname was Splanky, I could be mistaken about that.

  21. PowerToasty says:

    Damn! I love how effortless Jo? Jones makes his drumming look. Very nice.

  22. Timopartanen2 says:

    Splanky … and Papa Jo. Veeeery nice!

  23. andersoulful says:

    This band played from memory and? with passion and that is what is missing from most of the bands that try to copy.

  24. daveyboy731 says:

    its the? best

  25. Misa9914 says:


  26. mrcountbasie says:

    I? miss Butch Miles!

  27. mrcountbasie says:

    I? miss Butch Miles! 😉

  28. vrietmet says:

    1? person hit the wrong button

  29. TheBodyodeur says:

    Great show!?

  30. TheBodyodeur says:

    Great show!?

  31. jaschaheifetz says:

    Seeing Papa Jo sitting in with the band is truly thrilling.

    The only drummer Buddy Rich ever told me to? listen to was Jo Jones.

  32. selene2302 says:

    ¡ Qué placer escuchar ésta música !


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