UW Madison Marching Band Proposal

February 1st, 2012

A trumpet player (Eric Meunier) proposes to his girlfriend of 7 years (Ashley Chalmers) at the famed University of Wisconsin-Madison Varsity Band Concert in the Kohl Center in front of thousands of people.
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  1. DuckTurken says:

    I was there! Was pretty awesome to see? in person

  2. wicountrygal says:

    That is? sooooooo Cute!!!! Only happens in Mad Town

  3. sparklerMike says:

    really? cute

  4. TehSmellulare says:

    On Wisconsin?

  5. AmyOz320 says:

    That? was soooo cute!

  6. MrTheguy43 says:

    one person didnt get? a yes

  7. VicRoseMusic says:

    I have never seen someone that happy? =)

  8. LadyVanHelsing713 says:

    Her reaction is so adorable…?

  9. 234LMM says:

    the cutest? proposal I’ve ever seen

  10. stephani3m says:

    so cute yet so depressing? lol.

  11. SheRicoSuave says:

    HOW CUTE!!!? OMG

  12. johnhamilton08 says:

    I love? how everyone is shouting “SHE SAID YES SHE SAID YES” Not only that but the Band Director is AWESOME

  13. misslucianroyalty says:

    awww i love this……….. omg?

  14. GhettoProductions07 says:

    Aaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!! That is? Awesome!
    Congrats to the both of you! Wish you both the Best!

  15. nevermind2day says:

    aww? they both seem so very happy (: congrats you two!!

  16. possumpistol says:

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  17. gardenofholliess says:

    aww this was so cute, congrats!!!!! hope? you have a long and happy marriage!

  18. 4863440 says:

    On Wisconsin?

  19. KoreanAspergel says:

    If anybody wants? to know the original singer, his name is Bruce Chanel. It was in the, “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack.

  20. countrygal1674 says:

    boy at 0:08 who is not playing the trumpet is ADORABLE does anyone know him?? i dont wanna end up with 10 cats :(?

  21. AnyaAbomination says:

    i was there! holy? crap i cried lol

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