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December 31st, 2011

The closer for Jazz Ensemble at “Spring Fling” – 2007 Find more information on the Walla Walla Valley Bands at
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Die komplette Beat Club-Folge mit diesem Auftritt im iTunes Store erhältlich! Ein weiterer Liveauftritt aus dem Londoner Marquee-Club, präsentiert vom Beat Club am 11.03.1967: Geno Washington und seine Ram Jam Band mit der Isaac Hayes/ David Porter Komposition “You Don’t Know (Like I Know)”! Geno Washongton is an American Soul/ R&B Singer who joined the English soul band The Ram Jam Band in 1965. Due to their energetic live performances – as seen in this Marquee club show – they build a strong fan following and became even popular in the mod scene. They also recorded two of the biggest selling UK albums of the 60s – and both were live albums! After the group broke up in 1969, Geno Washiington started a solo career and returned to the USA. It’s said that Geno Washington met the young musician Ian Brown in 1984 at a birthday party in Manchester and told him that he should start to sing and became a star. Ian Brown went on to form The Stone Roses – one of the most popular bands of the late 80s Madchester movement (also known as Manchester Rave or short Rave).
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. cagedanimal3 says:

    @blackflagger5 same with me? :X

  2. thunderfoot43 says:

    The trombone solo was pretty blatty and out of tune, but other than that it was ight. The? band sounds really good though.

  3. blackflagger5 says:

    haha we’re learning this? in band right now and guess what? im first trombone. lucky me lol, but the solo sounds wick, so i hope i can do it right!

  4. aodrnQhd says:

    pretty sick nice? job

  5. bandgeek98503 says:

    Great keyboard player!?

  6. Bowser1948 says:

    @littlefoster Jute Jam n Jumping


  7. littlefoster says:

    I saw a great show in the Caird Hall Dundee about two years ago featuring Geno Washington, Jimmy? James (Vagabonds) & P.P. Arnold. They were dancing in the aisles! Brilliant show…

  8. boomers660 says:

    saw geno in the late 60s, great live. Hate to ask but is he? still rocking?

  9. arnold6348 says:

    One of the great? soul bands, I saw them at Spalding Rock Festival in 1967.

  10. zeboczulu says:

    saw geno in? the 60s great nights out simply the best uk soul band at the time!

  11. triffiks says:

    in late 60s i was bass player with semi pro band called The TRIFFIKS and we performed this song, and included most of the moves.WE had no saxes but made up for it with energy. I saw Geno about 9 years ago in London Uk and he still rocked!!! I saw him in the 6os at Butlins and the crowd kept chanting Geno Geno Geno!!! until he came on. Bring back the oldies (-:?

  12. michaelgdobie says:

    gtoa gota gota say Fantastic…what an atmosphere he made .
    I saw him many times and he should have been really huge.
    He always was in my books anyway.!!
    Michael the lover lord….to be played at my funeral…please.
    I am trying to re-create this sound in? Marlborough.
    Looking for musicians that can move….wow.!!
    Mcikey Marlborough.

  13. davyblue26 says:

    Great to see this saw geno around 68 in Belfast and after the? gig went to a party with all the band it brings back great memories

  14. GinnyGirl53 says:

    Think saw this band at the Twisted Wheel in? Manchester with Long John Baldry

    Great Sound

  15. SeniorMojo says:

    holy maccaroni !
    powerhouse? performance

  16. finlayhallone says:

    I saw him playing live? around the time of this… footstomping, handclappin’ funky

  17. trollybus657 says:

    Ricky Tick Hounslow 60s half a crown to get in,purple hearts,light and bitter,TV 175cc, and Gino, nice to have that? drink and laugh with you Gino at Brentford in the 90s
    Love Pete Jen

  18. adeh1948 says:

    My era think they were known as Gino Washington and the Ram Jam? Band used to be at Leofric, Coventry on Sundays with Long John Baldry,

  19. harrysgrand1 says:

    geno one of the great acts and underated saw him loads of times brilliant even played in our? local sports centre 100 yds from my house

  20. closertofiftythanyew says:

    Brilliance. on all levels. Say no more on the pathetic human way, if you get my drift. Brilliant, just simply brilliant music. Long? live Geno.

  21. supersondessixties says:

    Good morning, do you like sixties? Listen and pod cast? my? ? program ?? ” great sound of ? 60′ s ” ? on? ?the ? site plumfm. Greeting and made? blooper?? in? ?? rock? and roll.

    Salut, vous? aimez les sixties ? Ecoutez et podcatez mon? émission “le super son des sixties” sur? plum fm. Salut et faites gaffe au rock’n roll.

  22. spadge321 says:


  23. gusti14 says:

    Oh my god… why there isn’t any rock like these nowadays? So full of fags and? bitches… bring back this rythm.

  24. BytomGirl says:

    Why is? there no mention in Tags of the band member Pete Carney?

  25. missmatched1 says:


  26. micmac09 says:

    Yeah ! Geno was great. A master of soul? and real r’n’b. Thanks.

  27. triffiks says:

    many moons ago I plyed Bass guitar in band knwon as the Triffik Organisation and we “modelled” some of our gig on mr Washington and his amazing band, all was well until one night Ernie naelt fell of? the stage LOL

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