Vittorio Monti – Czardas

March 21st, 2012

Vittorio Monti – Czardas Violin :Joo Young Oh At the age of 14, Joo Young Oh earned his first international recognition as a First Prize winner at the 1996 Young Concert Artists International Auditions in New York. Mr. Oh started playing the violin when he was five. Oh has made numerous solo appearances with various orchestras worldwide, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Colorado Symphony, San Jose Symphony, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Czech Philharmonic, Hungarian Chamber Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony, Ukraine National Symphony, Salzburger Kammer-Philharmonie of Austria, Poland National Symphony, Tacoma Symphony, Massapequa Philharmonic, North Shore Symphony of NY, Aspen Music Festival Orchestra, LA Theater Orchestra, KBS Symphony and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. Joo Young Oh has gone on to perform extensively in recitals throughout most of the major cities in the US including Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco and New York. He has also performed in cities around the world, including Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Prague, Sydney, Tokyo, Osaka, Vienna, Milan, Lyon, Vancouver, Lima, and Beijing. In 2003, Oh made his New York Debut recital at Carnegie Weill Hall. He had performed at Carnegie Hall (Issac Stern Auditorium), the prestige Wigmore Hall in London, Lincoln Centers Alice Tully Hall, Walt Disney Hall, Dvorak Hall in Prague, Grand Hall in St. Petersburg, Music Center of Los Angeles, Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in Japan and
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  1. mayfunkymonkey says:

    Why. Is. This. Song. Connected.? To. Lady. Gaga?

  2. ZapdosKim says:

    \WOW! im playing this piece myself and? all of his.. improvisations? were amazing. Especially the sliding double stops at the end. I especially liked how we moved certain phrases up an octave, and his harmonics were perfect! I was crying in the middle and laughing with joy at the end! this is the best interpretation of czardas ive ever heard! bravoooooo

  3. Classic0187 says:


  4. elporteroful says:

    Listening to this will studying? my Russian. Makes me feel more eastern European! Xb

  5. rossavader says:

    Like if you had a boner for this song before Lagy Gaga…

  6. AbigailBernard says:

    I’m in? love…

  7. anmegk says:


  8. 101dwdude says:

    @MissNorwegian That was? just a warm-up hahah

  9. toremindthose says:

    Both top comments suck, someone please replace? them

  10. musicviruz says:

    @217MrChris because in the beggining of her song ‘Alejandro’ you can hear the melody of Czardas (hear? from 0:54 here)

  11. 217MrChris says:

    why? is this song connect with Lady gaga?

  12. xstarsthatshinex says:



  13. anmegk says:


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