Washington DC

March 27th, 2012

When Barbara visits the UScapitol – Washington, DC – she is surprised to discover it’s a city that’s about much more than politicians. Her teen co-host, up-and-coming rapper Marky, shows Barbara his city is hip – with hip hop. Marky takes Barbara to many of DC’s famous and historical landmarks – from the White House to Arlington Cemetery to a renowned chili restaurant – while composing lyrics on the spot about each site they visit for a rap duet they record together in a professional music studio.

Greyson Chance performs Purple Sky at the 2011 HRC National Dinner, held on Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Convention Center in Washington, DC

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15 Responses

  1. maymay621 says:

    But, that is? young in the sense of knowing if your are gay, striaght, or bisexual…

  2. kelbellorama says:

    made me full out? cry. amazing. <3

  3. mybeautifulwork says:

    Why is my soul stolen? all over again when i hear this.

    Shelby age 13

  4. CallMeMaby says:

    This boy? sings with soul…

  5. OrangeAstronomy says:

    I agree – but I’m just saying – he’s actually 14 so he’s not? that young

  6. hmanning6986 says:

    He is cute? and awesome

  7. hmanning6986 says:

    I love this? song

  8. AliceMakova says:

    Then why are you commenting on? this video?

  9. Craftistic says:

    Omg omg he is so? hot. I lovehimesuch a sexy person

  10. EnchancerAngel says:

    He’s the most amazing person in the world. He does something about bullying in such a? young age. He’s not like other teen artists who always sings about girls and other meaningless stuffs. He sings about life, and his songs are really inspiring! Hope you don’t change, Greyson! I love you so much! You are perfect just the way you are. Much love from Dubai. <3

  11. VitaminMePlease says:

    I? didn’t know it was even possible to be this HAPPY for a person. Go Far Greyson!

  12. conidome says:

    it made me cry when he said “thank you and thank you to? everyone above!!! <3

  13. shirosakiHiChi says:

    I prefer his other songs T^T?

  14. allyroxalot says:

    I made a stop motion video to this song with a bunch of Enchancers from twitter. [: we worked really hard! check it out? It’s on? my channel. Maybe tweet it to Greyson? @GREYSONCHANCE

  15. bokkie101 says:

    COME TO? ENGLAND!!! (:

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