Washington DC Country music DJ, Jim london?

October 12th, 2012

Question by Mr Dave: Washington DC Country music DJ, Jim london?
I was a long time fan of WMZQ and a Huge fan of “Jim London”. I tuned in one morning and was surprised to hear a differant DJ on in Jim’s time slot. I sent a few emails to the station, got no response. does anybody know what happend and where Jim london is now

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Answer by PatPat07
Jim London and Seth Warner were both fired by the corporation that owns MZQ… some months ago. Both DCRTV.CO and The Washington Post (Paul Farhi) wrote about it at the time. Not the first time the station let either of them go. I wish there was someplace where all the DJs could be listed with as much “history” as possible. As it is, when they leave the station, it’s as if they never existed.

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