Washington ” Rich Kids” Official Video

March 14th, 2012

The First single from Washington’s debut album I Believe you Liar ‘ Rich Kids’. Produced by Stephen Lance and Mairi Cameron at Head Pictures.

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  1. RootinTootinBeans says:

    In the second half? she looks kiiiinda like Yelle!

  2. evelepic216 says:

    The old guy in the kitchen is the best ever. Seriously. And the twins on? the bed are creepy.

  3. myheartlikeabird says:

    this? fucking hipster business is really pissing me off, stop labeling each other! it’s bullshit! just enjoy the fucking music!

  4. usedfuzzbox says:

    Great vid? 🙂

  5. TheOmigoshness says:


  6. omnomnomrosie says:

    that moustache kid gets the? ladehs

  7. CoPezz says:

    everyone’s throwin up or sleepin round! I remember why I left this town —-? first favorite line

  8. Woesteinvuir says:

    @Pedalfile192? I was just joking.

  9. Pedalfile192 says:

    @Woesteinvuir I don’t see the folly in the planning. It? sounds pretty awesome to me, and the film clip was great.

  10. Kieran494 says:

    @JohnKulo But, life is what you make, of? it 🙂

  11. JohnKulo says:

    @Kieran494 Life ain’t sugarcubes and? little kittens. Makes it all worth it though.

  12. Kieran494 says:

    @JohnKulo In a world full of negativity, you? had to add, your two cents, good on ya 🙁

  13. JohnKulo says:

    @Kieran494 Grow up, will ya. First of all he said he loves Washington. Even tough you love some band/artist you can still see negative things about them, no ones fucking perfect. And I know it was? a joke.

  14. JohnKulo says:

    wtf, the? guy at 0:39 is like young Brendan Benson

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