Washington Soldier’s Home (Orting, WA)

January 23rd, 2012

Here is a movie I created with footage from the Washington Soldier’s Home I took when I visited the site. A few things to note: There is an American Legion Hall on property A Chapel Several Barrack Buildings A VA Administrative Office Lounge/Pub/Event Hall Library/Magazine/Video Hall Cafeteria (was closed for cleaning while we were there so it is not in the video) Laundry Room/New Clothing Facility Wood Shop Fishing Pond stocked with trout yearly Rehabilitation Center Barber Shop/Snack Shop They have buses that come in weekly and take the guys to Walmart, Fred Meyer or the nearest mall for shopping. They also have movie shuttles that take them to the theatre, the price of which is included in thier stipend except for popcorn and those types of snacks. While I was there, I observed poker games, bingo, working on puzzles and models, people working in the wood shop, doing their own laundry at the laundry building, fishing, getting in some rehab, lounging in the recreational areas and hanging around chatting with each other. Each barracks consists of private rooms which the guys can lock and have their own key. The smallest size room is in the video. Bathrooms with 3 shower stalls and several toilets are in every hall and then there is the special bathrooms with the walk in jetted tub featured in the video that can be used as well. The guys have access to everything. The grounds are huge. Every morning, afternoon and evening meals are served in the cafeteria. They have to do
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  1. HoofsPick says:

    My first job, when? I was 14, was here. Its so different but also so much the same.

  2. pkawal says:

    Hi? Tara!

    I remember meeting you on the tour! I was very impressed with the facility…keep up the good work =)

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