What is Out of Band Management?

August 20th, 2016

Out of band management allows computer administrators to access the computer’s management control when the computer is in one of several unresponsive states. The computer or laptop may be in hibernation mode, in sleep mode, or could even be turned off. This type of management contrasts to in band management, because in this case, the agent is able to run on the computer’s full operating system. It will become necessary to perform out of band management when in band operating is not possible. Out of band management allows uses to carry out remote computer management.

There are various jobs that can be performed using out of band management. Some of these jobs may include: the configuration of advertisements and any scheduled software updates. This needs to be done in order for the computer to wake up before it completely starts and runs. It may also include the reconfiguration of BIOS settings. Other tasks will include system repairs, running commands and running diagnostic applications. These tasks are all done by way of booting the computer into a command based running platform. Out of band management can also allow the computer’s admin to restart a computer which is not responding or functioning. The computer can also be booted from an image file or reconnected locally.

There are a few our of band management tasks and functions with will work on serial technology. This is able to compress any data from serial ports and will send it to the current network. This lets the admin run any character based programs and applications as well as any commands, while still having an emulation session running. If at any stage the admin uses a different device, they need to check and make sure that any management system will be compatible with the present technology. If it is at all possible, they will also need to find an operating system which can provide device alerts, to let the administrator know which devices it is that are experiencing start up issues. Once these issues have been highlighted they can be fixed.

In previous years, having remote access to laptops and computers presented a problem for a lot of networks. However, it is not becoming a much easier and far more common for computer administrators to repair, access and reconfigure unresponsive computers and. Remote access can either happen in-house, or the job might be out sourced to professionals in out of band management. However, it is still crucial that the computer’s administrator is in control of the operating system. Admins need to choose systems which have all the required features. These features need to assist with reconfiguration and repair and also need to be simple to use. This is even more important if the job is being outsourced or delegated.

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Posted by Gertrude Brent

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