Where Eagles Soar

April 21st, 2012

Commissioned by the Acadia Hospital in Bangor, Maine to commemorate their 10th anniversary, Where Eagles Soar portrays the beauty, grandeur, and freedom of that great state. It is also meant to represent the state of mind that occurs when one realized their full potential. As we grow and learn as human beings, we understand what unique and special talents we each possess and that we have a responsibility to use those gifts to enrich each other’s lives. When one fully comprehends this, our inner spirit takes flight and is lifted up where the eagles soar. -Steven Reineke From the Walking Frog Records Concert Band CD “New Day Rising: The Symphonic Works of Steven Reineke” Performed by The Washington Winds Avialable on the CL Barnhouse website as a full score or as a score with parts. CD is Available on the Walkingfrog Website as a CD or a Digital Download (Coming Soon)
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