You’ve Never Heard Pipes And Drums Like This Before!

November 18th, 2011

The Rogues with the United States Air Force Band in Washington, DC More info at !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Well, I’m sorry but this video is a repost, but I believe that this version brings a much better quality. All of you who can forgive me for uploading an already existing material please enjoy this magnificent piece of art by the great Dinah Washington and Brook Benton!

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  1. charlie1pipes says:

    Fantastic video, Thanks for posting it and God Bless America

  2. ExcitedPiper says:

    Absolutely amazing talent! Great Job!

  3. myangelAB says:

    Totally awesome..great job. great job

  4. thedudefromaweekonm says:

    scotland is awesome keep bagpies awesome !!!!!

  5. scotgig says:

    Beautiful. A pleasant change to hear an orchestra in such a piece. Another couple of pipers in there for the fnale and that would’ve been unrivalled for uTube pipe videos.

  6. HeeterDistribution says:

    They are doing a cruise out of Baltimore next August just befor the Renaissance Festival, can’t wait we booked our cabin !

  7. tr80808 says:

    Holy Christ – this is INSANE!! AWSOME

  8. mhicnanolc says:

    Um…. i did say “for my tastes”.

    I simply prefer jigs n reels.

  9. combatkenpo says:

    well yeah..daah ! its a tribute to military soldiers who have or still serving. Have u
    forgotten his earlier comments?

  10. syanen says:

    oooooooh – LUV’N it!!! Beautiful… thanks! 4 posting it

  11. PiperMartinMckay says:

    Hey guys, great one!

  12. nlights31 says:

    This is really nice! Loved it!

  13. CoolMarineBlue says:


  14. hardflip12345 says:

    the dude talking at the beggining is my grade 7 teacher
    he rocks hard

  15. edelgran24 says:

    It’s fantastic!!! πŸ™‚

  16. mhicnanolc says:

    Not too shabby… still too regimental for my tastes.

  17. johncarter239 says:

    Amazing sound guys, big shout from the UK.

  18. navidisahar says:

    well done. fantastic. Really i never heard so sweet tones before.

  19. BWATER1 says:

    nice video mate

  20. secretoftheredstar says:

    Bloody stunning… I’m speechles…

  21. mhatkins says:

    That was absolutely beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Awesome music and video! Kudos to the poster!!!!!!! Slainte!

  22. meinmoordorf says:

    Was soll man da noch sagen, GEIL !!!!!!!!

  23. varede says:

    awesome πŸ˜€

  24. ks094341 says:

    my father is ex air force and hes learning the bagpipes also. god bless!!!

  25. scarletpimpernel1793 says:

    unusual,good sound, thank you for this occasion to listen.

  26. cairoasar says:

    You and Samuel Cooke were at the top of the heap no doubt, Sam was murdered and lied upon, the earth was robbed of such fantabulos talent.

  27. Nijeta1 says:

    Wow, I thought they just did “Baby you got what it takes” and “Rocking Good Way”. Wow, this is the first time I heard this & I see they did others. Wow I learn more about my grandmother everyday. This is pretty. Brook Benton & Grandma talking about believing, praying & the Lord : ) THAT’s WHATS UP : ) !!!!! Thanks for posting this.

  28. MrRoelvisser says:

    played at the funeral of a killed amsterdam policeofficer. Thank you so much for posting!

  29. GrandmaBunnyZanne says:

    This renditon of this song was the first I ever hear; I was 9 and I lived in a tiny village in the interior of Alaska….I was WOWED! I am 60 now and they still wow me right out of my socks. THis song has been my life long prayer. During tough times and good ones….this is my prayer. Thank you, Dinah and Brook. I will always love you.

  30. rennyshelton says:


  31. LadODell says:

    A song for all time done by two of the greatest singers of all time. It never gets
    old and it always gives you a lift when you are feeling down.

  32. viciousLUA says:

    im sorry but i find the picture a little creepy, why put red lipstick on a man? but nonetheless, this song is wonderful.

  33. pungooer says:

    Thank you for going to the trouble of uploading this beautiful song for us to listen to and share.

  34. JanRuddom says:

    It’s ok… But check out Frankie Laines rendition, it’s the Dogs …………..

  35. jrmelmer says:

    man do these two make a great duo or what man dinah had some chops too

  36. woelfchen43 says:

    what a wonderful song, they are simple the best

  37. msros60 says:

    Oh, this is beautiful. The only other singer who performed this beautifully also was Jackie Wilson. He did a fantastic rendition of this song. It is awesome. Check out Jackie Wilson too.

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