? Dara Mactire PvP – PvP With Mufasa Episode 1

January 5th, 2012

See our full show! – learntopvp.com Massive Damooge with Mufasaprime!! Mufasaprime: www.youtube.com Music: Down With The Radio – DJ Ephixa Streetmusic 2009 – Neilio & DJ Ephixa www.youtube.com Dara Mactire Website: www.learntopvp.com Dara Mactire WoW Show www.youtube.com Dara Mactire Livestream: www.justin.tv Dara Mactire Facebook: www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Electro House 2012 MIX ? j.mp | fb.me Become a fan of Panda Electro: www.facebook.com Become a fan of The Clamps: www.facebook.com Become a fan of Burn The Fire: www.facebook.com ????? It’s the second installment of the Electro Mix Show. After an exhilerating mix debut by Revolvr, which did really really well, we’re back now with Los Angeles based record label Burn The Fire’s own THE CLAMPS. The electro artist formerly known as Imprintz has been blowing up recently with his tracks featuring regularly in Beatport’s Must Hear Electro tracks. Also dabbling in other genres lately, he actually reached the Dubstep chart at #12 this week with his remix of Gooseflesh’s Glovebox. Tune in, let me know in the comments what you think of it and as always, don’t forget to subscribe and like/dislike it if you’ve not yet done so! ? Tracklisting ? Titanoz vs Metzo – Memories (The Clamps Remix) Dilemn & The Clamps – Audio Control The Clamps – Thousand Of Crab The Clamps – Way Of Crab Smell & The Clamps – Comby Street Disco Reason – Tribute (The Clamps Remix) Vodge Diper – Smile Y’All (The Clamps Remix) Rabbit Killer – LSD Waves (The Clamps Remix) Dilemn & The Clamps – Got U Michael Froh – BANG! BANG! (The Clamps Remix) Gooseflesh – Glovebox (The Clamps Remix) K12 & The Clamps – GameOver ? Biography ? Los Angeles based Burn The Fire Records is a digital record label & event company established in autumn 2009. The label was started as a quality platform to showcase electronic dance
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. payneo571 says:

    “Oh look a? squishy flag carrier..i know lets violate him sexually” LOL!

  2. Sentiray says:

    Yo dawg ?

  3. milare8 says:

    @kjacko675 first to comment, last to get laid?

  4. milare8 says:

    @SimplySynical? you’re annoying

  5. PissinFire says:

    funny ^^ bad stats? how ever

  6. angrychikan says:

    You,? here, now, die!

  7. Burresweden says:

    Some1 know the? addon for the awesome number layout? And how do u do so its just nameplates over enemies?

  8. wellaUK says:


  9. ZadienTheHuntard says:

    Eh his atempt at being funny got boring? after the first clip.

  10. SimplySynical says:

    @MGSKING100 Don’t care what you are……you like it, I hate it, we both expressed our opinion…..glad you? want to end a pointless argument YOU initiated. Acceptance is a hell of a thing. Been fun.

  11. xxxfatalityxxx1995 says:

    “You whore mongering whore bag? of whores”… 10:38

  12. xxxfatalityxxx1995 says:

    Mufasa,? we play alike. xD

  13. MGSKING100 says:

    @SimplySynical im whitelol :P, i dont like being hostile, i just really like mufasas commentary, im? enging this argument cuz its pointless and annoying, and would go on forever

  14. MGSKING100 says:

    @SimplySynical im white, i dont like being hostile, i? just really like mufasas commentary, im enging this argument cuz its pointless and annoying, and would go on forever

  15. SimplySynical says:

    @MGSKING100 For the kicks and giggles…..How is one supposed to function in society? Mindlessly like and agree to everything? That seems to be what you’re trying to say. Since you seem interested in knowing me I’ll tell you a little. Not quite sure what type of person I am but I do have some friends so I would assume I’m a decent one, don’t? know if atheist is the word but I simply lack care for religion.

    You failed to racially profile me while accusing me of being racial. <3 Contradiction.

  16. cucoeldjsolin says:

    It’s? good not that good

  17. MrBooyams says:

    Best Channel on youtube …thanks!!! Ill be here everyday!!!?

  18. Maedhrosz says:

    This is awesome!?

  19. xOpenSight says:

    Why isn’t there a? new mix… Like erm… Every Day!!!

  20. 888888HiPeople888888 says:

    those visuals? are sexy!

  21. neoka28 says:

    What happened to the “Peep n’ Tom” mix? I absolutely loved that one…? 🙁

    Oh well, this is also extremely good~ 😀

  22. Syntex1233 says:

    came for the pic 😀 Thumbs? up

  23. MiniJ0e says:


  24. Wormy0904 says:

    <3 the part at 4:30?

  25. PytoX says:

    omg? 666 views noo

  26. 4ngi3CK says:


  27. DiscoReason says:

    always awesome ! ?

  28. ShadoWDancerMKD says:


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