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December 1st, 2012

Would you like to host your own radio show? Visit: tgn.tv =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= ? No technical expertise needed ? Go Live on the air in minutes ? Share your messages everywhere ? Connect with friends in real-time =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= by World Footprints Travel Fri, October 12, 2012 World Footprints is joined by an all-star cast of artists who have traveled the world to realize their dreams. Actress and Super Model, Natasha Alam joins World Footprints to talk about her latest role as “Yvetta” on the HBO Drama True Blood and about her amazing journey of courage and determination that took her from Uzbekistan to Hollywood. Then, Singer/Songwriter Elizabeth Elming is a classically trained artist who has perfected her craft in London and throughout Canada and she’ll join us to share the musical journey she has embarked on. Finally, marital artist, writer and actor Antonio Graceffo, better known as The Monk From Brooklyn, discusses his decision to leave corporate America for a childhood dream of a life of adventure in Vietnam and beyond. Antonio also hosts the web TV show, Martial Arts Odyssey, which traces his ongoing journey through Asia learning martial arts in various countries.

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