1 Hour Of Vocal-Progressive Trance Music Mix(July 2011)

November 5th, 2011

Free Download Link @ www.facebook.com Hello everybody…!!This is the first hour of The Trance Traveller Show.Every Monday,mixing live for 2 hours…21:00-23:00 (UK time),22:00-24:00(FR time),14:00-16:00(US time) and 23:00-01:00 (GR time).The show is converted here so it is downloadable and with its size it can be burned in 1 CD.Stay Tuned @ www.powermixfmradio.com Hope you enjoy it!I will be happy to read and reply to your comments.Check out my page for more infos,shows and mixes…Thank you!!!Dj Mentoras…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 Responses

  1. scaldash says:

    @damendb69 or im a geordie (someone from newcastle england and we say mate here a lot more than my online australian friends do:P)

  2. teggi32 says:

    16:00 could u tell me title/artist??

  3. damendb69 says:

    @scaldash i bet hes from autrailia..or ur lover

  4. damendb69 says:

    @scaldash i bet hes from autrailia

  5. adamasdiamandis says:

    love this.I thank you for this upload best i ve heard in a while.love from Ireland, hope Greece get back on its feet soon p.s the most beautiful woman in the world is half greek Marina Diamandis fucking love her

  6. nmphongasc says:

    wa hay,nghe feel l?m πŸ˜€

  7. 69aznboi says:

    If you do get the names of the songs plz add them to the descriptions

  8. ImagineA92 says:

    peace from south carolina, usa

  9. FGfuturegeneration says:

    super quality music you can listen when you fly

  10. TheTwistedDjtwist says:

    Hi just wanna say great mix, I’m part of a web station called notorious online please check us out and support us google “notorious online facebook” and click the 1st result!!

  11. scaldash says:

    you lied the video is 1 hour 19 and 34seconds long thats false advertising i want my money back…

  12. awuanteazulkrema1 says:

    buena musica falta mejorar en al momento de empatar las canciones
    pero excelente musica

  13. Gecko1265 says:

    please make a playlist for your fans =)

  14. 333kostas says:

    @rikihardlife So what is it???…WTF!!!

  15. Lietuviz1 says:

    best of lithuanian!!!

  16. rikihardlife says:

    this is not progressive !!!

  17. Mr061093 says:

    @mentoras8 ok…nevermind… thank you anyway… :))))

  18. mentoras8 says:

    @Mr061093 i’m sorry my friend..it was a live show/mixin/broadcastin…and i dont have the playlist…that’s why i haven t uploaded it…Maybe u could tell me which minutes are u interested for and i search to find the artists/titles for you…

  19. Mr061093 says:

    tracklist please? πŸ™‚

  20. creamysteve12 says:

    What mix is at 44:45? Great stuff. I’m loving it.

  21. gab09026 says:


  22. MuGzPrOdUcTiOn says:

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  23. iPenguinjumba says:

    Sept 2nd is my birthday…

  24. DeSadeM says:

    43m-44m: If God didn’t want us to masturbate … then why did He make our arms at that exact length? lol πŸ˜›

  25. superhamzah85 says:

    44:02 – pun WIN!

  26. imax1971 says:

    I wonder why it is FREE to subscribe to this idiots website…I love the fact that this program gets no ratings and they have to resort to uploading videos to Youtube… 20 and 30 at a time.. LMAO!

  27. funyun45 says:

    Someone please tell me the name of the song at the end of the clip!!!

  28. metalreign81 says:

    EXACTLY EXACTLY where did all their jobs go to so they could feed themselves
    EXACTLY where did all the jobs go to? I wonder where could they have gone to? Where did all those little jobby jobbys vanish to? And who helped spirit them away? Thats a really good point and is the point I’ve been trying to make all along—-corporations have moved from production to 3rd World countries under horrible conditions and the American people have facilitated it with apathy and laziness

  29. cleanfreaks2 says:

    @metalreign81 That’s great, i also shop 2nd hand, last time i waited in line was to buy a cabbage patch kid for my daughter, and I also buy from farmers markets. See that’s the beauty of this country, you buy at co-ops I go to the Acme, we have the freedom to choose. The difference between us is that I’m not calling you names. The food stamp program is less than 1% of the budget. 35 million people on food stamps – are you telling me these are all lazy people,unwilling to work?

  30. cleanfreaks2 says:

    @metalreign81 Well looky here, we finally agree on something. I’m a little confused tho, corporations have had our politicians in their back pocket for years, if you know all this and its been going on for so long, then why do you go after poor people instead of these greedy pigs who are mainly the REASON these people are poor. Today a report came out – the # of people living in poverty is up from 13% to 15% – now are you going to tell me all these people are lazy and don’t want to work??

  31. metalreign81 says:

    The biggest corporate banks continue to get bigger—continue to make the same risky deals that helped destroy our economy—now they can financially back candidates of their choosing—where does it end? Corporations own our government—-they pretty much own the world—–they are a clandestine empire that uses our military for their own gain——by the way, Iraq isn’t over—-the focus of the war is being shifted to the private sector (PMCs) wheres the corporate media on that

  32. metalreign81 says:

    These “harmless” corporations that you defend are corrupting our political system to the core—-Target recently faced a significant backlash from endorsing Tom Emmer for Governor of Minn.——many other corporations are following suit——where does it end? Goldmann Sachs was one of Obama’s biggest contributors——did we get honest financial reform or window dressing——lincoln amendment was shot down—derivitives markets still unregulated

  33. metalreign81 says:


    I generally shop at second hand stores—-I would never buy anything brand new—thats for idiots who wait in line for 7 days to get the new Iphone while they slobber and druel like brainwashed consumer zombies—–I get my food through a local co-op, not from state subsidized corporate agri-business—I also buy at local farmer’s markets—-I avoid fast food like the plague, I avoid box-retailers

  34. cleanfreaks2 says:

    @metalreign81 The polls are a reflection of all the misinformation and out right lies put out there by the republicans. Some parts of the bill will be in affect before the election, just the number of parents alone who have children in college will benefit, parents who’s children with devistating illnesses won’t have to worry about losing coverage. When all these people start seeing the benefits from this bill, they’ll realize republicans once again lied. Big corp lobbied to block the bill.

  35. cleanfreaks2 says:

    Ok genius, where do you shop? Oh wait, you grow and build everything yourself right? What kind of car do you drive? What make is your TV? Everything for sale in this country comes from somewhere else. What’s your hard on with Walmart? This is like the 4th time you gave me crap about it– and i never said i shopped there, in fact i wish there was one closer. Walmart, who would have thought it would make someone foam at the mouth at the mear mention of it. There are bigger boogymen.

  36. metalreign81 says:


    You people who shop at Wal-Mart or any other major corporation are destroying your country——50 of the top 100 economies in the world are corporations they own every fucking thing and you’re facilitating that destruction—–you won’t boycott or strike or do anything that will actually accomplish anything other than voting for politicians who are bought and paid for compliments of the Supreme Court

  37. metalreign81 says:

    I already have stated how I opposed the Bush Tax Cuts from DAY FUCKING ONE!
    I have never voted Republican in my life! But the Dem’s shooting for health care–sucked all the momentum from their game if you can’t see that than you’re deceiving yourself—progressives in general were against the convoluted legislation—–why not go for something most people can get on board with—-A massive jobs bill with a supplemental stimulus!

  38. metalreign81 says:


    Do you have shit in your eyes? Did you see the poll numbers for health care reform—-In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so the dems numbers are not real impressive while they patted each other on the back—-the elections are a sham to give people the impression that they have some kind of a say in things——they have no say in things——the corporations have all the say and they tell them exactly what to do

  39. cleanfreaks2 says:

    @metalreign81 SEEEEEEE – you admit it!!!! You just explained how fucked up things would get if republicans took back the majority. Ohhhh, and you explained it so well…..should be required reading for all voters. The way you make it sound it seems like this armagedon won’t affect you. Why’s that? Are you in some fucken castle on a hill….your too close minded to be one of the 2% richest americans…so what’s your motivation?

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