4/14/2011 — RADIATION FALLOUT UPDATE — Asia, USA, Canada receiving HIGH-mid levels

March 26th, 2012

Updated links now available! German Radiation Protection Agency: Radiation: www.bfs.de odlinfo.bfs.de All the dots you see are measurement stations by the German Waether Agency www.dwd.de Live Data until today from the Black Forrest: www.bfs.de Electro Magnetic Fields: www.bfs.de…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS Jamie Kilstein recently visited the Manning Bar at Sydney University, and destroyed a few dumb hecklers. Filmed and edited by Jeremy Brull
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Demelza12345 says:

    @dutchsinse Where do you get a radiation detox kit? Not sure I understand? how bad the radiation fall out where I live, which is Oregon. How will this impact health? What is the life span of this radiation fall out?

  2. ChrisJay122 says:

    fuck this? fuckin shit government

  3. eliteswordsman1 says:

    radation is natrual bannas and granite are some examples but there? not REALY radoavtive

  4. dreamcastliveson says:

    @ToxicatedBread Same here.?

  5. ToxicatedBread says:

    Showed up*?

  6. ToxicatedBread says:

    I’ll be honest, I looked up Fallout? 4 and this showedmup

  7. ZanobiaBigheart says:

    We can survive this, look online for radiation survival. Let’s out smart the elitest that used HARRP to? create this mess.

  8. fawkUtube says:

    @docslayerloc good news is we? might get to shoot zombies soon

  9. DebbyBodyworks says:

    Thanks for posting. Do you have a? current update?

  10. DebbyBodyworks says:

    Thanks for posting this. Do you have? a current update?

  11. seabergre says:

    If you actually read the chart and know what it means (which you can’t see unless the video is in 720p), you’ll see that these are very low levels of radiation… these levels are at least 1000 times less than what was released at Chernobyl.

    My mom was about to move out of the country (we’re in Cali) when she saw this and other videos like it, I had to spend 20 minutes on the phone, talking her off? of the ledge.

  12. Tmsmhk says:

    ”we would see it on the news” are u kidding me? Do u know how much the media has hid from people about how bad it REALLY Is because they dont want a freaaaak out! when people herd radiation was coming this way everywhere was sold out of iodine even in florida where i live! people went crazy. u dont@ophello
    ”we would see it on the? n think thatwouldnt hide that from public? yes they would! So no u wont necessarily hear it on ur news dont trust media anyways ur a fool if u do!

  13. ophello says:


    Thank you for being a voice of reason in a cesspool of insanity and hysteria.

    People, RADIATION LEVELS mean something. COLORS ON A GRAPH mean NOTHING.

    Stop the fear-mongering!!!

  14. ophello says:

    Stop worrying. Christ. Xenon 133 and Iodine have half-lifes of 5-8 days. Whatever ends up here will dissipate quickly. If there was any risk, you wouldnt find? out about it on youtube. Youd hear about it through your local news.

  15. ophello says:

    It’s called “volume control.” try it.?

  16. ophello says:

    “Low-levels”? “High-levels”? Those are not useful terms and that tells us nothing about what the? effects will be.

  17. TheSomnambulist06 says:

    @voiceoflove108 Perhaps someday one of them will grow up and try to share his/her? first-hand experience intending to help inform others others, only to be insulted by being compared to the very people who built the reactors in the first place. Final post, I swear

  18. TheSomnambulist06 says:

    @voiceoflove108 And last but not least, the children of Fukushima prefecture deserve advocacy and? solidarity.

  19. TheSomnambulist06 says:

    @voiceoflove108 It’s incorrect of me to say the few. The few where I? live and where you live. Not true of Chernobyl, Ukraine. Or the entire country of Belarus. Or parts of Russia. Or in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. Or the few in the case of the widespread low level amounts which I won the lottery in suffering consequences from. Sorry to quad-post, but some things need to be said.

  20. bal2569 says:

    @0:55? is when it gets really, really good.

  21. sdarms111 says:

    Never seen him, but that? was fucking brilliant. I want to kill those people.

  22. MohanKhan78 says:

    @Stoviecakes YUp never fuck with? the guy with a mic and a sense of humor =D

  23. clumpft says:

    Was ok, 7 out of? 10.

  24. WeAreThePenguins says:

    This boy is? ignorant – dislike.

  25. TheFlumpmasterflex says:

    He is? not winning. He got TROLLED !

  26. jamielowndes says:

    This wasnt supposed to be? funny. This was fucking AWESOME.

  27. AndyTalkMedia says:

    such a brutal middle finger at the? end

  28. TwazkemUSAbi says:

    He sounded like a? whiney bitch.

  29. ipodsucksballs says:

    hahaha love the? crowd.

  30. dfresh0114 says:

    That? was AWESOME.

  31. wilsonsmilk says:

    it was alright. not as good as
    rich voss, jimmy? carr, joe klocek handling hecklers.

  32. ljmuzza says:

    Id? say the heckler won. She pissed him off good.

  33. swaggachild81 says:


  34. wiz933 says:

    that? was prety good

  35. RehGo says:

    I prefer when comedians? destroy hecklers comically.

  36. VSliouniaev says:

    @tankkidd? No, you aren’t the only one

  37. Mehrunes201 says:

    He looks? like DJWheat.

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