Adele: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

December 12th, 2011

In a stripped-down three-song set at the NPR Music offices, the Grammy-winning UK pop star showcases her brilliant voice and seemingly effortless charisma. Watch Adele perform two new songs to go with her ubiquitous hit “Chasing Pavements.” Set List: “Someone Like You” “Chasing Pavements” “Rolling In The Deep” For more videos, visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. AttackPanther says:

    Um, wow.?

  2. 19dididi says:

    @Mardyfella? thank you

  3. Mardyfella says:

    @19dididi She said “I forgot to take my gloves off!” So her clapping? in RITD was muffled.

  4. reallyrolly says:

    I love this girl. She so natural and spontaneous, easy to chat with, laughs a lot and is so down to earth. She is an interviewers dream, no awkward silences or fancy airs and graces during an interview. And her story telling is something to behold. She has me in tears from laughter in some of her TV interviews, they are a joy to watch. How many pop/music stars can claim this? And the true beauty? in her talent, is she needs no gimmicks, just her voice and one instrument to accompany her.

  5. JohnTheGreenGiant says:

    What if something like American Idol had gotten a hold of her? It would have been total destruction. Singing songs written by some dueschbags and following orders. I’m glad they didn’t.This is real talent and real music. Think of all of the music our system? has destroyed.

  6. 19dididi says:

    what did she say about gloves at the? end?

  7. victorcharlie121 says:

    I would take Adele out to a nice seafood? dinner and actually call her again 🙂

  8. gordalini says:

    14:09,hear her laugh!? ;0

  9. Lutimania says:

    @lameecefiliz That’s just mean… I can’t even see what? he wrote 🙁

  10. GianiGuidoAcosta says:

    Oh gosh she should do a? latin american tour?

  11. natwilliams09 says:

    verry? talented girl cant beleive she gets nervous wot a voice an so dwn to earth luv her xx

  12. MSkattebo49 says:

    Sibyl? from Faulty Towers.

  13. allanvanvliet says:

    I love watching and hearing musicians who really? put emotion into their performances.

  14. basselope says:

    some people were just born to write? and sing….see exhibit A.dele

  15. nanabanana3893 says:

    @avrilavantage I love her laugh! She? makes me laugh haha

  16. ellisgay says:

    @nanabanana3893? i kno this was a month ago buht i have been doing the same thing thats so crazy i that i was the only one lol

  17. avrilavantage says:

    Adele: I forgot to? take my gloves off..hahahahahah=)

  18. megleanne1218 says:

    Why am I? just hearing about this?

  19. megleanne1218 says:

    @xAmaraiix Me too!!!?

  20. FelipeAkira42 says:

    It’s so good even the? book is dancing at 7:37

  21. xAmaraiix says:

    @nanabanana3893 My parents think? I’m doing homework now.. Shhhh… xD

  22. rosesrredml says:

    whats wrong with her pianist on rolling? in the deep!

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