Al Teller – Former head of CBS, Columbia, and MCA Records

November 23rd, 2011

In this week’s episode of This Week In Music, Al Teller, former head of CBS, Columbia, and MCA Records, joins Ian Rogers in studio to talk about the music industry past and present. In a fascinating interview, Al talks about going into the music industry after receiving two engineering degrees from Columbia and a Harvard MBA, how the industry evolved over the past 30 years, and where he sees the future of the business going. 00:00 – Intro 00:24 – Ian introduces Al Teller 01:36 – “Coming from an Engineering background, how did you find your way into the music world?” 03:52 -“What drove you towards the management side of the business?” 07:07- “Was it a much easier business once upon a time because you had distribution and marketing?” 09:56 -“How, in your experience, did the business change between the 70’s and 80’s?” 12:28 – “When did all the various tech disruptions in the music industry (production, distribution, etc) start disrupting the business?” 14:58 – “Just how big was distribution in the past?” 17:35 – “Mass-saturation radio play is still the most powerful way for an artist to connect with a fan” 20:45 – “It seems that the music industry always relies on entities that don’t actually care about the future of music…A big moment in the downfall of the music business, pre-internet, is when the big-box retailers became the strongest retailers in music. Do you share that view?” 22:32 – “Define a rack-jobber” 24:00 – “Was it your love of technology and love of music
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  1. PurelyUnintentional says:

    BORING!!! This Week In was on the ball with Pensado’s Place, but they really missed the goal COMPLETELY with this crap.

  2. rhythmhub says:

    Really interesting show. It was cool to kind of grab someone who was around during the hay day of the old music biz and see how he sees the industry today.

  3. steveninsomnia says:

    Ingrooves is good, but RouteNote is better!

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