Barack Obama warns North Korea over rocket launch – US World Police. NWO, Agenda?

April 7th, 2012

Barack Obama warns North Korea over rocket launch – US World Police. NWO, Agenda? North Korean military specialists have delivered parts of a ballistic missile to the country’s northwestern launch pad, South Korean military informed. The launch is at the center of international concern as it is believed to have a military motive. Pyongyang is preparing to mark the centennial of North Korea founder, “farther of nation” Kim Il-sun in April with Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite space launch. The country is firmly intended to conduct a launch around April 15 according to North Korea’s Foreign Ministry. North Korea insists that the launch is purely civilian and that it has a sovereign right to pursue space exploration. Washington believes North Korea’s rocket launches are a cover to test a nuclear warhead delivery vehicle. If the test is successful, Pyongyang’s long-range rocket will be capable of targeting Alaska and beyond. North Korea’s upcoming rocket launch is going to be aimed south into a triangle area “roughly between Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines”, a senior US official has warned. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Saturday that Kurt Campbell, the assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, shared this information with Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on North Korean leaders to abstain from carrying out the launch. He recalled UN Resolution 1874, which prohibits North Korea from developing and

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22 Responses

  1. adnan1985gti says:

    America is funny hahahahahahaha?

  2. MyDadsRubberBroke says:


    ? ? ? ?? RON PAUL 4? PRESIDENT 2012 ? ? ? ?


  3. MadBones673 says:

    that’s how you make money, after WWI there was the 20’s boom, WWII got us out of the depression and Korea and Vietnam gave an? economic boost

  4. FLOMOSAPIAN says:

    can we? goto war now with N? korea ? please

  5. Lester Osborne says:

    All I can say is God Bless All the children of all the countries that will be responsible for firing their rockets. The loss of lives and the futures that the surviving? children will have to survive through will be one of horror, It will not be a war the people want but one the politicians that can hide in bunkers will take great pride in.

  6. vinmaker4275 says:

    N-korea is to untrust worthy to leave alone….. I? say U.S. keep a good eye out. Lets just not get carried away. The last thing we need right now is to get involved into another war.

  7. TheMjg12 says:

    Scrath that, the U.S. doesn’t want another war, the Military Industrial Complex does.?

  8. BlowtheBridge says:

    Why doesn’t he jump? the fence!

  9. phliperphil says:

    I wish the US would stop pushing countries around . I tell you one of these days the whole fucking world is going to go after the people responsible for the mess we are in .. I am not talking about US citizens … only the? people on wall street …the bankers the elite … the zionists … the paid off chicken shit politicians..all of them

  10. gangster3591 says:

    “First Afghanistan & Iraq…. Now their threatening Iran, Uganda,? North Korea, wooow the U.S realy want another war so bad”?
    America threatens nobody, idiot. Nor do we want war with any? nation. We do, however, ‘warn’ rouge nations, like North Korea and Iran, of the potential consequences of their nuclear threats and provocations.
    Instead of posting garbage, consider acquiring an education

  11. desuTHEGAMEdesu says:

    no one, because? the U.S. are the only ones who really hate North Korea.

  12. pavelfederov says:

    We will get it with North? Korea. Get ready for WW3.

  13. cavanfamily12345 says:

    Without U.S, who eles would step up??

  14. indra561 says:

    South Korea are trying to launch rocket coz they are bored

  15. kevlar442 says:

    Piss or get off the pot you pussy!? Threats, threats, threats….

  16. 829speedy says:

    First Afghanistan & Iraq…. Now their threatening Iran, Uganda, North Korea, wooow? the U.S realy want another war so bad.

  17. 11B30Inf says:

    What?!! Appeaser Obama did not bow down and apologize? for us being over there? yet???

  18. 1ghostronin says:

    What was? that Mr President, derpity derp derp? I thought so.

  19. TheLIVEKIWI says:

    I dont believe a word that spills out of this puppets? mouth

  20. 2020ONYX says:

    No you fucking moron. How fucking thick are you? You really want a EMP NUKE up your ass? They are launching a fucking? missle WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW>

  21. 2020ONYX says:


  22. 3leopardsblue says:

    america needs another ’emergency’ to kickstart martial law? or else obama has a bloody deathwish…north? korea is best left alone.

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