Batman Arkham City – Radio Easter Egg

November 8th, 2011

Jack and Geoff check out an easter egg in Batman Arkham City that was sent in by like three hundred fans. WHO WILL RETURN?

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  1. Chatzzzz says:

    @vampyler It could be Joker… How would you know!! 😛

  2. Betithoo51 says:

    Ra’s al Ghul

  3. MPHAMMER1095 says:

    Could be Prometheus ?????

  4. vampyler says:

    @Chatzzzz the way you said it, you sounded like everyone else that said it was scarecrow because he didnt appear in the game, and its not the joker

  5. Chatzzzz says:

    @vampyler That’s what I’m saying!!! 😛

  6. vampyler says:

    @Chatzzzz its not scarecrow

  7. bbostic11 says:

    there are more number things on different frequencys

  8. Chatzzzz says:

    @druid299 Scarecrow wasnt in the game!

  9. druid299 says:

    @Chatzzzz Scarecrow.

  10. druid299 says:

    @oldjeff100 its Scarecrow, not Joker.

  11. vampyler says:

    @legokratos people only think its him because of the numbers

  12. AlbieGfromMyspace says:

    but is it “i will return batman” or “i will return, batman” punctuation makes a big difference

  13. SquidVonLipwig says:

    The third message HAS been solved:

    Found the article on GameFAQs, usename akajackfrost got it.

    xgaiakczpwcrxsvyoiuktpxqjvnwfs – plain text

    “scarecrow” is the passcode

    Use a vigenere decoder.

  14. decentsleep says:

    Lol dumbasses are just reading into the simplest message, ignoring the rest

  15. Plexuz0 says:

    what about the other messages idiots?

  16. oldjeff100 says:

    so the joker planned all this out and faked his own death WELL PLAYED JOKER

  17. decentsleep says:

    Its scarecrow. The third message was figured out.

  18. legokratos says:

    @vampyler i don’t know. seemed legit to me. though there was this one time i went to darth vader’s wiki page and said his name was anal crotchwanker (no seriously, i’m telling the truth) but nobody cares about the calculator so it might be him

  19. Blueforce707 says:

    All jokes aside, am I the only one who thinks that’s pretty freaky?

  20. decentsleep says:


  21. vampyler says:

    @Xxbte96xX or red hood, or calculator

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