Bruno Mars – It Will Rain Music Video Parody (Bella’s Baby)

April 2nd, 2012

To Win the CD go to: and comment “Go exfoliate a monkey’s toenail.” Download link: Bella’s Baby Music Video performed by Cookie, Dime, Twizzler, Dizzay and Peppimoo A parody to Bruno Mars “It Will Rain” Instrumental by: The Official Music Video:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses

  1. mrdarkninja00 says:

    THIS? IS …….. LOL

  2. Homer13ful says:

    Porsche 924 bei? 2:32 :D:D:D

  3. ?ittleßritches Müsic?irl says:

    Lol funny, btw this was made? on my birthday? haha

  4. gurlindependent love says:

    hahaha lmao?

  5. XxStelaxX33 says:


  6. Rizza Jem says:

    soo corny;D?

  7. smartandsmall says:

    hahahahaha this is hilarious!! “I can see I’m? not the father”

  8. XxdanniiLxX says:

    dats sum baby bump. . :/

  9. goofysistahs says:

    Good, but Harry? Potter?

  10. iamsophie12345678 says:


  11. partygirl4906 says:

    wolf man u r? hot lolz

  12. scoobyfan1224 says:

    It’s time to take? a break, with professor snape!

  13. MsHarrypotter64 says:


  14. Devilskilljoy says:

    I saw you dangling bella!!! When she was pregnant, the dancing had me in stitches! Lol,? this is behind the scenes and the wolf mans like, “Things I do for these video”

  15. stellaX94bieber says:

    Hilarious :)) sooo funny…but bad singing!?

  16. DropsOfLipgloss says:

    Her? belly looks like the forever alone face… o.o

  17. TheMusicfiend99 says:

    Kinda funny. But Very bad singing?

  18. lilsassy0728 says:

    this was soo? funny i couldnt stop laughing

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