Career in radio or music ,help?

April 30th, 2014

Question by Rebelle: Career in radio or music ,help?
I’m 18 and i am currently a politics/ geography student. Up until a year ago, i had volunteered as a presenter at my local hospital’s radio station and it involved not only presenting but planning our own shows such as picking songs, choosing if we feature news stories or other topics etc.

Recently i have come to the point where i need to consider a career and looking back, i have found that the only careers i have been consistently interested in is either a career in radio (presenter or production) or a career in music (mainly working with bands especially a job like a tour manager) as i used to be a singer and i have developed a real interest in music not just as a hobby. I’m sorry if this all sounds confusing but if you do understand what i am trying to say, i am asking for advice for next steps after my degree and possible places to look. I have contacted a dj at my local radio station and she has told me that she has an accounting degree and had previous experience in hospital radio.


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Answer by Axe-Notes
Hey Mello Yello, I am in both of those business, and it is a lot of fun. You are gonna love it. Start with getting your FCC Lic for radio, (not Ham radio), and start building a porfolio with the different aspects of the radio station dutie, that you do. One thing, don’t lie too much on it, they will check you on it and black list you, trust me, I do that. Also, learn how to vocalize on different avenues of the radio, like a voice for news, music announce, jokes and commercials.
Next, if you want to work in music(bands), figure out if you want to be the Manager, Agent, Producer or Sound TECH. If it is manager, get ready to be a babysitter, girlfriend, mother and sometimes the local doctor. Remember, their ego is what drives them, and if you burst it, it is hard to get a great performance out of them. If you want to be an agent, start working at concert stadiums or places like HardRock. Remember, you hire the bands through their manager, not babysit them and don’t talk to them, only their manager. If it is the Producer job you want, learn how to write songs, how to play multiple instruments and pretty much become a band of your own(also have some money, because the upfront cost will come out of you sometimes). For the job of Sound Tech, you can do that through school. Almost every aspect of the scene has to be learned from hands on, because it changes from one band to another, but the Radio and Sound tech can be schooled from college and so forth. Good luck in your carreer. E-mail me if you need more help.

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