Christmas Lights Gone Wild

December 21st, 2011

Wow, this thing has really gone crazy with the viewers. Let me first start by saying that this is not my house. Regardless of what any of the comments read, this house really does exist, I have seen it with my own eyes and nothing you see in the video is trickery, it’s all real. This display was the work of Carson Williams, a Mason, Ohio, electrical engineer who spent about three hours sequencing the 88 Light-O-Rama channels that controlled the 16000 Christmas lights in his annual holiday lighting spectacular (from Christmas 2004). His 2005 display includes over 25000 lights that he spent nearly two months and 000 to hook up. So that the Williams’ neighbors aren’t disturbed by constant noise, viewers driving by the house are informed by signs to tune in to a signal broadcast over a low-power FM radio station to hear the musical accompaniment. The rough quality of the video has led some viewers to believe it was put together in stop-action form from still photographs, but that is an artifact of the high compression used in the clip circulated via e-mail. Mr. Williams has posted instructions for recreating his “Wizard in Winter” sequencing, and another of his choreographed Christmas light music shows can be viewed here. Carson’s Christmas display proved so popular that it was featured in a Miller Lite beer commercial in December 2005.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Steve and Zak take on the fill-in breakfast show on FM radio against Dave and Kat’s guidance. Michael finds out that comedy can get you into hot waters when he tries to organise a competition through “The Jesters” on finding which religion is the ultimate One True Religion. Essentially, various religious leaders chime in to say otherwise. And Tony’s success from his hit comedy song brings him misery.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses

  1. tbenzadrine says:

    Better? than all the new copies. Love the song and the lights!

  2. parisidream says:


  3. MerlinXHorseLoveX700 says:

    U gotta imagine how much this cost to? program that! It’s amazing!

  4. markriley24 says:

    I never get tired of? watching this,

  5. HistoricLegend says:

    The house that? started it all

  6. HistoricLegend says:

    The house that? all started it lol

  7. Yoshiman6464 says:

    Best Christmas? Video Ever!

  8. Freekman29 says:

    the? original

  9. coolvids566 says:

    Theres a? better one in Arlington Heights, IL

  10. bigmanchillin2007 says:

    really nice work on the lights. the whole family watched this in amazement. thanks for? the uploads. this deserved an award.

  11. Kalsafuir says:

    In the comments, it said that the music was on a low powered FM radio signal so you can tune into? it to hear the music with the light show.

  12. 1985Travie says:

    it is trans siberian orchestra i got the? cd

  13. superfluouslyme says:

    @ArcciWF It’s “Wizards in Winter” by? the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

  14. flipandflygirl says:

    wow they really went all out. i bet they disturbed? the neighbors

  15. ArcciWF says:

    Anybody? know the name of this song?

  16. l3thDisciple says:

    this? is a really great show! subbing!

  17. KelmyProductions says:

    Zak is the funniest.?

  18. angelsk93 says:

    that girl looks like katy? perry ..

  19. probotnemesis says:

    This is? really funny! Why haven’t I heard of this before now?

  20. Grapelvr says:

    this is a great tv series?

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