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January 17th, 2012

Tweet it: | Facebook it: DJ Rex Fendo puts the “ass” in “classical” at Classical AM 1560. Follow me: “Like” me: T-Shirts: Starring: Rex: Tony Cavalero Mr. Clark: Parvesh Cheena Paul Tim Brennen Cherry: Annie Baria Lexi: Courtney Pauroso Director by Michael Gallagher Writer by Tony Cavalero Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer Producer: Neely Shamam Production Coordinator: Ricky Mammone Co-Producer: Michael Gallagher Co-Producer: Tony Cavalero DP: Dustin Pearlman Gaffer: Arthur Hong AD: Chris Miller Edited by Nick Gallucci PA: Stephen Branciforte — totallysketch, totally sketch, tony cavalero, courtney pauroso, parvesh cheena, humor, funny, sketch comedy, classical shock jock, shock jock, radio DJ, classical music, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, penis boobs, Yo Yo Ma, Giuseppe Verdi, Johannes Brahms Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Twitter, John Williams, Star Wars
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17 Responses

  1. daawesomenick999 says:


  2. cellonorigby says:

    lol haydn pronounced haaayden? no no no no? no. hiiiden. goodness.

  3. kellyisawesome789 says:


  4. 99fireandice says:


  5. JordyAndCrissyForeve says:

    o.o? the hell?xD

  6. ecg101798 says:

    what the hell did i just? watch

  7. JordanRainey says:

    Im guatemalan? and i take offense to that… other then that funny

  8. JordanRainey says:

    Im guatemalan… 🙁

  9. iAmTheKrakon says:

    im from hartford? connecticut 😀

  10. mizzoni22 says:

    @mikeydeff same here :D?

  11. FowFilms says:

    @mikeydeff? same hahaha

  12. simmme00 says:

    Gupta…? 100% homo <3

  13. pete8pie says:

    I am from ct? yeah buddy

  14. mikeydeff says:

    im? from connecticut 😀

  15. imhighneedpie says:

    Is that the same guy? who played Justin Bieber in Epic Rap Battles?

  16. MICKMYMICK1 says:

    @imtotaliydonnie o_o’……………………..?

  17. ecuamalu says:

    omg! it’s? Gupta! I loved outsourced

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