Clint McCance, Anti-Gay School Board Ranter, Interviewed by Anderson Cooper Part 1

February 19th, 2012

Anderson Cooper interviews Clint McCance, who went on an anti-gay tirade on his Facebook page, indicating he likes it when gay people die of AIDS, that he would run his kids off if they were gay, and much more. Midweek Politics with David Pakman is a nationally syndicated talk radio and television program. 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP http

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  1. Demonwulf says:

    @killacam876 Well, you’re wrong, and I would encourage you to do actual research on mental issues. There’s scientific evidence of differences in the brain between someone with chronic depression and those without. But internet arguments won’t convince anyone of? anything, no matter the evidence, so I suppose this is the best place to end it. I really think there needs to be better education involving mental health, and you’re evidence of why. :/

  2. killacam876 says:

    @Demonwulf I know I offend people by this, but I honestly think that chronic depression is just people that are depressed that use it as an excuse to be lazy and not do anything. Because that is how you feel when you are depressed, most people just suck it up and keep going.

    Killing yourself takes less than a second if done right and you feel minimal to no pain. In fact death by carbon dioxide which is a common suicide is one of the most peaceful ways to die. You know what I mean? by easy

  3. StreektlyMedeeseenal says:

    @blackwater20 Very good point, sir. We never truly know the consequences of our actions unless they are thrown back in our face, like what was done to McCance. Hopefully we can all take? a lesson from his mistakes and try to create a world as hate free as possible. We are all one race, the human race.

  4. blackwater20 says:

    @StreektlyMedeeseenal This maybe the best thing that could happen to the man. You are a product of your envronment. You can’t blame someone for the way they have been raised. His spelling looks as if he was intoxicated. Who knows you and I may? have at some point done something to some one and affected people the way this man has. It all in how you look at it.

  5. blackwater20 says:

    @Demonwulf The term is clinical depression, No medical profesional would use the tearm chronic in? a case of depression.

  6. Demonwulf says:

    @killacam876 Chronic depression is all that taken to over nine thousand, though. Chronic depression is where you wake up in the morning like that, so listless you can’t do or accomplish anything. Chronic depression is where your brain is switched to “depressed” and? kept there. But even ignoring that, some people’s situations are different than others; some people are able to handle it better than others. No one commits suicide because they LIKE it. Killing yourself isn’t an “easy” option.

  7. killacam876 says:

    @Demonwulf I think most people have a time? like that in their life.

  8. Demonwulf says:

    @killacam876 Sounds to me like you don’t know what it’s like to have severe depression, to feel everything crashing down on you. You don’t know what it’s like to feel like you’re worth nothing, incapable of nothing; you don’t know? what Chronic Depression is like, or Bipolar Disorder — where you’re not in control of your emotions, feelings, or worldview. But you don’t need a chemical imbalance to feel that way, either. Even children are capable of killing themselves… 8 year olds.

  9. killacam876 says:

    And as for him encouraging committing suicide, I don’t think anyone should encourage anyone else to commit suicide. But I feel no remorse for anyone who commits suicide, you can call me evil or cruel. I think committing suicide and leaving all your problems on your loved ones is what is evil and cruel, you have some problems so you try? to take the easy way out. Shameful in my opinion…

  10. killacam876 says:

    He doesn’t agree with people being gay, so what? Just be gay and ignore him… He likes it when gay people get aids and die… Okay, so what? Let him believe what he wants and you can believe what you want.

    I don’t think he should be forced to accept other peoples beliefs, that is just as bad as him attempting to force others to be christian. But it is even worse because he is not attempting to force anyone to be anything. He just wishes gays the worst and tells them to stay? out of his vicinity

  11. epa2113 says:

    And he keeps dwelling on the *language*.? Just the language. Not the ideas. Stunning, the level of denial he’s offering. NOT defense. Remarkable.

  12. Crumplepunch says:

    Notice the evasive form of the apologies. He went “too far”, his language was “too strong”.? He never even attempts to apologize for his homophobia.

  13. realbadbav says:

    @tdrpowerl The Muslim bible? Do you mean Qur’an?
    These books are not the source of people’s intolerance,? if that is your believe i’d strongly suggest you investigate the teachings of these books, and not simply make assumptions.

    Anyone who breeds hatred in the name of religion are breaking the most important lessons of said religions.

  14. tytheeman20 says:

    @Bondonb What? There is no defense. Children committed suicide and he’s a grown ass man…elected official getting on the internet and saying he’s glad the fucking faggots killed themselves. There? is no level of passion or human nature that excuses any of his behavior. He’s an adult, working for the public. He deserves everything that comes his way and I hope he gets it, if not already.

  15. Bondonb says:

    In his defense: Passion can make some people rant, saying things they don’t? mean to. We’re all guilty of it from time to time. And quite often our ranting CAN take us into territory that is anything but PC.

    On the other hand: He is an elected school official, and the internet never forgets. He fucked up big time saying what he did where he did it, and if nothing else it shows a lack of intelligence and foresight on his part.

  16. assassinmakidoo says:

    This guy clearly has an IQ less then 70, which under the mental health acts in American, makes him retarded and it? shows, he’s clearly not that smart.

    Typical American, ignorant as shit and the people threatening his families lives are equally as pathetic.

  17. exploreGerman says:

    Damn that’s a good one,? thanks! 🙂

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