Cool FM Radio images

February 12th, 2012

Check out these FM Radio images:

incubus @ radio city
FM Radio
Image by organizingthesoup
yes, I saw incubus live. yes, it’s 2009. stop judging me. (it was a decent show, but they played most of my faves way too early.)

Allied Radio Ad
FM Radio
Image by Radio Rover
The myth here is toting around a multi-band portable radio will endear you to hot chicks in mini-skirts and pasty white legs.

Both teams’ radio crews
FM Radio
Image by larrysphatpage
Both teams’ radio announcers can be seen here.

On the left, above the 97.1 the Ticket "Tigers Radio" banner, are Dan Dickerson (bluish-gray polo shirt) and Jim Price (mostly hidden by a pillar, but you can see part of his face) of WXYT-FM (97.1).

To the right are the White Sox’ announcing team on WSCR-AM (670) "The Score," Ed Farmer (holding his headset in his hands) and Darrin Jackson (partly hidden by another pillar).

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