Cool FM Radio images

April 15th, 2012

Check out these FM Radio images:

FM Radio
Image by Fillmore Photography
An antique radio.

Amplification Crystal
FM Radio
Image by kqedquest
This potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystal, weighing almost 800 pounds, was grown over a period of two months. Each crystal is sliced into 40-centimeter-square crystal plates, which are used to amplify the laser. More than 600 of these plates are needed for NIF.

Credit: Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Listen to the companion KQED-FM Radio piece on KQED QUEST and discuss it in the QUEST Science Blog.

Radio Concierto “Concierto Enfoque”
FM Radio
Image by
Lord Fader nos muestra su centro de operaciones.

Me invitaron a Radio Concierto al programa "Concierto Enfoque" a hablar de los Blogs. (8 de Julio, 7 pm, 88.5 fm.)

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