Cool FM Radio images

April 27th, 2012

Some cool FM Radio images:

WTNG’s Studio and Transmitter
FM Radio
Image by mediageek
Record Store Day, April 16, 2011 at Numero Group’s pop-up store in Wicker Park.

Graywater Guerilla
FM Radio
Image by kqedquest
QUEST correspondent Amy Standen interviews Graywater Guerilla Laura Allen about graywater (any water that has not come in contact with toilet water) and blackwater (toilet water).

Listen to the companion KQED-FM Radio piece on KQED QUEST and discuss it in the QUEST Science Blog.

Oficina de Rádio Comunitária em Barreiros de Riachão
FM Radio
Image by Dep. Neusa Cadore
Mandato da Gente realiza oficina com comunicadores da Rádio Comunitária Barreiros Fm na terra da cerâmica de blocos. Fotos; Paulo Marcos

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