Cool Radio images

January 15th, 2012

Check out these Radio images:

Radio Kootwijk
Image by bombarie
This is Radio Kootwijk, an oddly situated 1920 art deco building right in the center of a nature area. Back in the day it was the only place in The Netherlands where you could communicate directly with Indonesia, a Dutch colony at the time.

Went for HDR processing for these but hope I didn’t take it too far since I wanted to preserve a historic and faded feeling in the images.

Radio Concierto “Concierto Enfoque”
Image by
Parado: Lord Fader
Sentados: Cristian Powditch, Leo Prieto, Cecilia Amenabar, y Sergio Fortuño

Me invitaron a Radio Concierto al programa "Concierto Enfoque" a hablar de los Blogs. (8 de Julio, 7 pm, 88.5 fm.)

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