March 24th, 2012

Bala Govind (Allu Arjun) is a program director in MAA TV. His fights for justice regularly get him into trouble. During one of these incidents, he saves a person (Raja Ravindra) from goons while severely trashing Murugan (Subbaraju), son of the notorious attack smuggler Tambi Durai (Pradeep Rawat). Fearing retribution from Tambi Durai, the MAA TV crew sends Bala to Kulu Manali to shoot a travel episode, where Bala meets Vaishali (Hansika Motwani), who is a sanyasin. It is love at first sight for Bala. Vaishali, though initially apprehensive of Bala, falls for him. The head sanyasin of the ashram (Ramaprabha) unites the couple. However, before Bala is to return to Hyderabad with Vaishali in order to marry her, some goons kidnap her. Bala returns to Hyderabad and finds that she is with Tambi Durai. The person who was saved by Bala in the beginning reveals that Vaishali is the daughter of Narayana Patwari. In order to grab his property, Tambi Durai kills him and his wife and performs the marriage of Vaishali with Murugan before their dead bodies. However, Vaishali escapes and reaches Kulu Manali. Bala decides to save Vaishali from their clutches and eventually succeeds in his attempt.
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  1. dmith1000 says:

    can we download this with subtittle…i am afaid that after download? when it will be played it might play without subtittle….

  2. amaarelkusuvy says:

    wow i love you? allu

  3. cabelga says:


  4. AngelicPrincess83 says:

    I seriously hate the fact the subtitles are late…I appreciate the fact? that you did post the video and the subs…but jus wished it was in sync. i love both the stars…my fav…but sadly i don noe understand much telugu. guess tis motivates me to learn telugu…

  5. speider says:

    Weird. Two? of the fight scenes are copied from Tony Jaa movies.

  6. htrinese1 says:

    great? movie

  7. videos4avi says:

    @TheMamasitaR yes, we do agree abt that. it is bcz in 1.1 billion people the probability of rogues is very high. the probability is even higher with the amount of poverty, illiteracy? ,corruption. And also mainly due to the restrictive behaviour b/w boys and girls in rural areas. the well behaved people usually dont mind apart from their work. they are afraid of their family,career and life. if u have come across this kind of people they will really treat u like a guest and very helpful.

  8. anirudht96 says:

    go to plz

  9. Chacoboy14399 says:

    keka? movieeeeeeee

  10. poojarisatish says:

    aap kannada? me ek filme nikaldo

  11. poojarisatish says:

    allu arjun mera favaret hiro he
    iska fighting
    iska danceing
    iska style
    totaly world ka no? 1 hiro my hiro

  12. Badrinath64 says:

    Nice Film
    Allu Arjun is a great dancer ( michael? jackson of tollywood )

  13. 726jigglypuff says:

    I wish Hansika had done ‘Badrinath’ with Allu Arjun.? after all she was offered the role first & foremost. I love this couple’s chemistry! <3

  14. siraj4same2uhotmail says:

    hi.. please can u tell me that when u upload this all movies in hindi? doubed. please i request u that upload telugu new movies in hindi.. thanks in advance.

  15. aaavinash1 says:

    Cant download? it??

  16. sagenava says:

    @vassant2538 Thanks but I knew it’s there it’s just not on cue but that’s? ok thanks again

  17. vassant2538 says:

    @sagenava? just click on the cc link below you will get your subtitles..!!!!:)

  18. smartykish says:

    @ahsanuzzaman2009 you have to press? cc button on the control bar.

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