Dimitry G. – Dexter (Radio Edit)

March 20th, 2012

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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16 Responses

  1. mindysioux13 says:

    Motherfucking trimmed? trees… lol @ Debs

  2. BooyaWeasley says:


  3. lokolokito26 says:

    wooow it’s very good =D?

  4. ChainsawCastration says:

    Very nice!?

  5. zeroeman says:

    boooom baby!!!!?

  6. deyn1338 says:

    hooooly cow …. love it? ..

  7. AbyssinianLife says:

    Im not really feeling this song?

  8. TijuanaElectro says:

    el link da la? kancion , pero dura 3 segundoss

  9. TheBizzElectro says:

    @TheDNGproject we? know ! : P

  10. WMan37 says:

    Awesome track. Funny though, There is a club party/nightclub/(place involving a DJ) scene in a significant number of Dexter episodes from what i remember, so Electro related to the show seems fitting.

    Oh? and by the way, Dexter is a fantastic show, if you have the means, i recommend seeing it.

  11. TheAwetastikkid says:

    @VinylWorld Well? Its great either way,

  12. hilmerjoel says:

    eso ahi? vamo ahi muy xevere your song hahaa sorry wait speak spanish !! xD

  13. faster365 says:

    alaa? demaciado loca

  14. faster365 says:

    alaa demaciado? loca

  15. NiikkFreeStep says:

    @L0kzGamer infelizmente? ninguem mais gosta de Electro House só de Hard Electro pra dançar FreeStep :/

  16. SkanekOfficial says:

    wow :O?

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