Dj Andi feat. Stella – Happiness

January 10th, 2012

Dj Andi feat. Stella – Happiness (radio edit) Music & Lyrics : George Hora and Kamelia Produced by: George Hora POWERED BY : DJ ANDI STUDIO 66 TImisoara ROMANIA 2010 COPYRIGHT OWNER When you look into my eyes tell me what you see, Do you feel my love for you makes you happy, sets you free? When you look up in the sky tell me what you see, If you only see the clouds, I know the remedy: It’s in the ocean, yeah! Happiness is all around, happiness! It’s in the sunlight, yeah! Happiness is all around… Open your eyes wide, Open your eyes…Oooooh! Open your eyes wide, Open your eyes…Ohhhh! Huh, hah, heh, hah, ram-pa-dam, hah, heh, hu tam-tam, Huh, hah, heh, hah, ram-pa-dam, hah, heh, ram-tam-tam
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Visit the NEW KOTD Online Store The headlining battle of World Domination 2’s second day showcases two of the most talented comedic battlers worldwide, Canada’s Kid Twist and Australia’s 360. Arguably the most accomplished battle MC in Canada’s history, Kid Twist has been winning competitions and bodying fools across North America for years with his trademark, personality infused style. While not a hip hop purist, Twist’s creativity and ingenuity know no bounds. His skill with a pen travels far beyond his ability to write rhyming insults, as his upcoming novel release suggests. His Aussie counterpart 360 has made his mark as one of his country’s most successful musicians. His crew ForthWrite have been dropping radio friendly hits for years, earning the Melbourne native respect and accolades in his local scene. Globally, he is known as one of the most outrageously funny battle rappers to grace the culture, tearing heads off with his acerbic wit and pointed observational comedy. These two promise to put on a show full of laughs – but who will take the edge performance wise and outclass their opponent on their way to a W? http Presents… KOTD WORLD DOMINATION 2 Kid Twist vs 360 Hosted By: Organik, Bishop Brigante & Gully Tha Kid Sponsors
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses

  1. TheCapitainechoc says:

    a ou? a a a ou a a a a a ou lol :))))

  2. salgueira100 says:

    é linda *.* amei :D?

  3. Laura2nite says:

    ce de? ‘thumbs up’!

  4. SuperLS1996 says:

    thumbs up daca asculti aceasta superba? creatie in 2011 si 2012 🙂

  5. DeejayNightOfficial says:

    Eu daca primesc 1000 de like`uri nu? va pot ajuta cu nimic .

  6. bossdeboss9 says:

    @TheEuropeanDream ce ciudati suntem noi romanii shtii??? de ce celelalte tari ii iubesc pe acesti cantareti…si noi cei de-o natiune cu ei ii uram?? iti zic eu pentru ca poate partea aceea e spalata pe creier asa cum zici tu.pace !

  7. LitlePhil says:

    @iDavidVEVO ce nu face omul pt un deget? :))

  8. iDavidVEVO says:

    Daca primesc 1000 liike`uri . pe 24 decembrie ies? in pantaloni scurti si tricou afara . fac poza si o pun pe facebook . ^.^

  9. antoniasefa says:

    muzica tata……;)?

  10. TheEuropeanDream says:

    eu sunt ?i anti inna ?i c?caturile astea în limba englez?..în ziua de azi,nu mai exist?? ozone,akcent,3se,dj project,forma?ii bune care cânt? în române?te,decât vreo 3-4. adolescen?ii din ziua de azi sunt retarda?i distru?i,sp?la?i pe creier,pro?ti,se las? manipula?i ca ni?te copii de2 ani oligofreni. azi,în România,sunt mii de a?a zi?i cânt?re?i care cânt?-n englez?,din foame de bani(inna,deepside deejays).m-am s?turat de versuri cretine(iete mama iete).unde e muzica bun? româneasc???AJUTOR.

  11. 08TheMidnight says:

    Happiness!? Happiness! :d/

  12. silvik1999 says:

    sooopppeeeerrrrr melodiaaaa..:D:D::D:D:X:X:X:X:X

  13. MrCobra232 says:

    ce faina!!!!!?

  14. adutzu96 says:

    daca si eu primesc 500 de likeuri ma duc maine imbracat ce michel jackson? la scoala:))

  15. bRb074 says:

    THUMBS? UP if u arte ROMANIAN!!!

  16. Gabby0riginal says:

    i wish i could turn back that time .. a? year ago..

  17. jollyprins says:

    superba romania? ti amo

  18. Alin1564 says:

    stiti ca mai exista cu like la fiecare comentariu JAY-Z Empire state of mind?

  19. spanuspaniolu16 says:

    In sfarsit avem cu ce ne mandrii…I LOVE? ROMANIA!!!!

  20. lucy8555 says:

    soooooooper? piesa

  21. MrDevlance says:

    @sal666ownz The comments are not weird at all. Just because we comment in romanian and you don’t understand it, doesn’t make the comments weirder than other ones in english or other languages.
    What language do you expect? to find at songs sang by romanain singers ?

  22. anaalexandru says:

    This beat makes? you happy!

  23. susi72007 says:

    imi place foarte tare ,tare e piesa?

  24. MyDrumstyle says:

    beast? into.

  25. Stormcaller99 says:


    Skelators back

  26. MrViperScopez says:

    kid twist, you a fucking dumb bitch
    the only time you could beat six is when your in a bed with boys fucking feeling dicks
    you sounds like a little girl
    your voice would improve if you went a hurled
    your such a pasty white guy
    man you could me mistaken as? a ghost and camouflage in the clouds up high

  27. TheRectumsmasher says:

    19:20 is that guy high? hahaha?

  28. TheRectumsmasher says:

    360 choked hard, but? came back harder

  29. glenzlbc says:


  30. JoshMateee says:

    he’s making weight jokes and skinny jokes about 360?
    when 360 would have more meat on? his big toe then kid twist has on his entire body hahah what an ugly prick

  31. glenzlbc says:

    @jnaproductions its a rap battle,? you can say whatever rudeness things you want no matter how severe they are..

  32. CrazyTheDk says:


    Not kid twist or 360…mainly talking about the host and? people in the audience.

  33. corrieebro says:

    they should battle now

  34. Strikeb4ck says:

    @CrazyTheDk yeah or not, cuz neither of these? guys are even close to wiggers

  35. TheAcousticKing1 says:

    i wanna cry i hate? seeing 360 like this

  36. CrazyTheDk says:

    “im suprised during the coin toss you didn’t yell heads and start sucking the? coin off”

    i acctually lol’d

  37. CrazyTheDk says:

    They should call? this “Wiggerfest”

  38. usamhanson says:

    i like how the only thing all? you people can say is how bad he is being a Canadian, because kid twist did shit all over 360 in this battle.

  39. BradlesYiewwww says:

    that fucken white canadian cunt glows up? the whole room

  40. fr3shfilms says:

    kid twist look like such an? awkward cunt

  41. Heythereyouguy2012 says:

    @sainz1er hell yeah? 360 killed kerser he aint shit

  42. iggins100 says:

    he? looks like me. if i was a bird

  43. CallMeEmCeeTwist says:

    So hard to see? 60 choke 🙁

  44. jessbalibabe says:

    do think the host would mind if i spoon fed him nutritional? supplements?

  45. FlavourRz says:


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