March 12th, 2012

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Human microchips seen by some in Virginia House as device of antichrist RFID Legislation passed in Virginia House Bill text: Dr. Katherine Albrecht Radio Show —————————————– Council Of Governors Takes Shape The 10 governors (and one of them is not even a State governor) selected by Obama are: *Governor James Douglas (R-Vermont) *Co-chair *Governor Chris Gregoire (D-Washington) *Co-chair Governor Brad Henry (D-Oklahoma) Governor Jay Nixon (D-Missouri) Governor Martin O’Malley (D-Maryland) Governor Janice Brewer (R-Arizona) Governor Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia) Governor Michael Rounds (R-South Dakota) Governor Beverly Perdue (D-North Carolina) Governor Luis G. Fortuno (R-Puerto Rico)
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  1. LoveeFanny says:

    Un keaff? ! <3

  2. Javedabdoolakhan says:

    Respect a NU TI? MORITIEN 🙂

  3. William050692 says:

    C’est ça? qu’est bon!

  4. 0928624 says:

    les remix c’est? pour quand ?

  5. 366Abdel says:

    Bravo Adam? pour encore une telle tuerie tu déchire grave !!! ;D

  6. 366Abdel says:

    Super Adam franchement tu gère encore une? fois !!! ;D

  7. stefozieable says:


  8. QuentinMus says:

    Respect mister assad, fréro? !!!

  9. djflexp says:


  10. jimothemvp says:

    Microchips 666?

  11. jmartinezj24 says:

    No comment?

  12. praetorian2150 says:

    im in new? york and this luis Fortuno looks so so shady.

  13. napalmcoffee says:

    wait only a mister meaning isn’t placing a trckin device? into a person with out there knowlage or consent more like a type of rape

  14. jancrowb says:

    your totally correct, rgading the manipulation of the press and news, by editors with their own agendas. british papers are probably far worse? and underhand, with the distortion, and biased misrepresentation of percieved facts. Robert Fisk, will now only work for The Independent newspaper as they print his articles word for word, and allow him free expression, sadly this is an exception to the rule. the press mix fact and fiction and unfortunately the majority swallow it all. PEOPLE MUST THINK!

  15. Jacobrester says:

    @innHD The mark of the beast is related to the end time churches and the poeple who will not come out of these apostate institutions… the end times the? churches will be under satans control as judgment comes down from God upon them…it is almost over now

  16. TheDtrain13 says:

    @PhillipOrion? Amen brother!

  17. thephamcookiemonster says:


  18. nsolcis says:

    wow, well we all know the? board of 10 is going to come into effect as soon as the economy crashes, which is GOING to happen….

    hope you guys are stocked up on beans

  19. innHD says:

    In the past it was believed the? social security number was the beast mark

  20. PhillipOrion says:

    So why don’t you learn how to? assert your rights and then you need not worry about getting a chip. They have a right to do whatever they want to their voluntary slaves that beg for privileges.

  21. mcguirethomas8 says:

    I keep my new passport? in a steel clad box.

  22. PhuqueU says:

    It? is a felony punishable by death, to be carried out by the victim,
    and is not amendable.,
    End of discussion.

  23. squirrelsarecute7 says:

    maybe you’re watching a little too? much ScyFy channel?

  24. jayskind says:

    Here is where they will try it! Mark my words: first time? offense violent or sexual crimes plea bargain. They will use people who are first time offenders wear this in order to get out of jail time. They will wait 5 years to introduce it to public. You heard it from me! The Post sux anyways!

  25. callmecg101 says:

    whoa. I remember my bro telling me about this. The ten horns of the? beast. Now this is really getting scary.

  26. UnderseaCaveman says:

    9:55——PROBABLY NOT!!!!?

  27. UnderseaCaveman says:

    CV, awesome vid…. Mahalo?

  28. wakedafcukup says:

    thank? you!

  29. Tinfoilhatlady says:

    thanks ! good video.?

  30. geriatricguru says:

    I am a Christian, therefore, each can know what I think of a chip.LOL. Now, having that stated, I would like some to consider what a chip implanted could do to a human. MorningMayan knows about frequencies, and any one taking a chip, imo, could be easily controlled.Recall the bracelets discussed on airplane trips. Any one getting out of line, could be controlled. Hospitals are? pushing the idea of chips, for they say that paperwork gets lost and it would be easier. Please consider this invasi.

  31. matahaari says:

    @RightfullyReticent : You got it! Info on wikipedia or the IRS sites. If you don’t pay taxes, maybe it’s not a concern. I am an artist, too and for some completely inexplicable reason, our demand is pretty low on the jobs pyramid : ). During the Great Depression, the gov hired artists through WPA to create propaganda. The current admin attempted to co-op artists to promote their policies with tax dollars, but a filmmaker? busted them. Thanks for the request.

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