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January 22nd, 2012

Example of what not to fall prey to when leaving org. Religion ! Background Music: Shocking Murray Shell oil spill; www.youtube.com Vid. Ref: Curses on the Daughters of Zion www.youtube.com www.youtube.com GOCC Radio
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. 1almalee says:

    @Simple7seven777 When now I know it was to warn his people.If they don’t leave the middle east, they are going to be trapped. They went over there for material things,and thats whats going to destroy them.God had protected them from it , by sending them far from that land. But they have gone and put? themselves right in the middle of God wrath. And to think the same land God gave for a blessing, has become a curse. There will be a new Jerusalem. God is going to destroy that one.

  2. 1almalee says:

    @simple7seven777 You are telling the truth. I have only listen to one of you vids,but I can agree to everything you have said.Because your spirit is speaking and not flesh. You know that the kingdom of heaven is within you,and you can not live by another man’s spirit.Their teacher have them so tied up in the flesh,until they can’t see what their own spirit is saying.I feel so sorry? for them. And to think I believe the Lord was showing him to me in a dream because of good works.

  3. Eazysunshine says:

    i have a question my sister someone sent me your videos i don’t know why? any ways question was he married already when he left here ? and did he leave a wife behind is that what your saying? honestly? am not buying on the whole polygammy thing because God would have made adam and two other women if that was the case and a long time ago during biblical time they needed to populate the earth so they did what they had to.

  4. EarthAngel504 says:

    @EarthAngel504 i’m not saying all of that.. just pointing out the result of a cursed people…and even if? Long was added. hair is a woman’s Glory, so why cut if off?? just as why would a man neuter himself… just pointing things out…self infliction

  5. 1Eahoue says:

    @EarthAngel504 Did I argue? Brother, explain what you mean by Plantes. I gave a short explaination on *hair* and exposed the carnal (which means childish) thoughts on the matter. It was not intended to insult as you have tried to insult me. If my knowledge is in error, then by all means, correct it with the Word.

  6. EarthAngel504 says:

    @1Eahoue Like i Said… Give me a WORD or Concordance where the Bible Say Or Describe Plantes…I refuse to? Argue with your nonsense or Intellectual Blindenss.. Proof Pleast..

    Thanky you


  7. 1Eahoue says:

    @simple7seven777 This is not about ‘long hair’, veil coverings or a woman’s subsmission, but one of the primary qualities about men and women, oneness or equality in Mashach. ?

  8. 1Eahoue says:

    @EarthAngel504 PART 1 “The Word is Spiritually discerned”. Comparing, Scriptures with Scriptures, Precepts upon precepts; here a little and there a little. This is not about “hair or veils”, but “a protective covering”. The word “long” was added to make Hebrews and Aficans undesirable and “skirt or robe” was changed to “veil”. Do you really think Father is concerned with Vanity or Outer Appearance (childish? thoughts)?? Men provide and protect like Mashach and not pimp women or desert kids.

  9. 1Eahoue says:

    @EarthAngel504 PART2 Ruth 3:9 “Who are you?” he asked. She answered, “I am Ruth. Spread the corner of your garment [skirt, covering, etc.] over me because you are a close relative who can take protect, provide and redeem me.” Spread therefore: Hebrew “spread thy wing;” the emblem of protection; and a metaphor taken from the young of fowls, which run under the wings of their mother from birds of prey. –a near? kinsman: or, one that has right to redeem, Like the Savior-Redeemer!

  10. 1Eahoue says:

    @EarthAngel504 PART3–He shall “COVER you with His Feathers” and Ezek 16:8 “Now when I passed by thee, and looked upon thee, behold, thy time was the time of love; and I spread my SKIRT over thee, and covered thy nakedness: yea,? I swore unto thee, and entered into a covenant with thee, saith Yahüeh AND you became mine.” Even today, when a Jew marries a woman, he throws the skirts of his talith over her, to signify that he has taken her under his protection. Backwards, these days-soo sad.

  11. simple7seven777 says:

    @EarthAngel504 Mat 15:9 But in vain they worship me, teaching doctrines the commandments of MEN. Name the scripture commanding us to preach the gospel of hair curses & fallen angels ? I explicitly give ex. of how we R to preach the gospel & exalt the Most High thru Christ. I have no exp.? w/men & child sup. I stated who I am using as an example, I NEVER said ALL MEN. I’m a help meet only to MY husband Gen2:18. Acts2:17,18 indicates who leads women. R u saying satan only uses women not men ?

  12. EarthAngel504 says:

    I hear you sister, but.. Please give me 1 script where the Bible Name other Plantes…and Yes, It is mentioned Women’s Hair is their Pride and Being cut off..1Cornith:15,16.. and it’s Silly Scripture to u because you wanna attack anything that says negative things about Women.. Remember, women r to help Man not Lead.. and Was the weaker Vessell so Satan can Use Her.. I’m Not Downing Women, Just Giving Biblical Facts of the Order of Things..Not All Mell on Child support..? Only Men U Experienced

  13. bigtreesproductions says:

    serious thing mi sista serious thing, thanks for? the bread and water, and for these words of truth, YAH BLESS YOU AND FAMILY

  14. SOTAdiPhariseDestroy says:


  15. ruapraia says:

    @simple7seven777 Yes, I have seen other very disappointing videos from him as well. The series of him and the Rabbi did not make him or the Rabbi look very good. There was a lot of searching for scriptures, and a kind of argumentative back and? forth that you would not expect from a man of God. I had some of his videos on my channel for a while, just to be neutral, but they fell away on their own.

  16. simple7seven777 says:

    @ruapraia That hair video was an ex. of? how non edifying private interpretations R given, & used to distract many from doing what Christ commands of EACH of us. That vid only promoted anger, caused DIVISION, debate & wasted time. That scenario displayed his lustful agenda, & had nothing to do w/ Christ & the new covenant. Racha seeks to appear knowledgeable & insightful to PROMOTE Himself, & NOT to empower others. Bet they take the vid off “curses on the daughters of zion” thats how they operate

  17. Tonytime1 says:

    Awesome message sister! ? Blessings!

  18. princessjudah says:

    As always, awesome video. I too have broken away from The GOC church. I understand we all fall short but some things are absurd and a blatant disrespect and mockery of the Most High. As far as the curse of “Black” women’s hair, my hair is all the way down? my back and I know many who are very dark, not mixed and have long, natural hair. It’s all about hair care. Ours just take a little more effort. Peace and blessings Lisa. Keep em coming!

  19. ruapraia says:

    I saw that video with him talking about black women have a curse to make their hair not grow. I’m black and i have long hair of? my own, and I’m not mixed.

  20. 1Ephraimite says:

    I appreciate your wise pouring forth of truth, and I further am encouraged that you have not taken it upon? yourself to assign yourself a teachers position as head. It trully demonstrates a humble spirit to speak truth, yet not to usurp your Ish’s headship, daughter of Sarah.

    Blessed be your Ish to have been endowed with a wise woman who’s insight will protect her household and those of whom she has been entrusted with care. Most High bless your Ish and inspire his strength in your house.

  21. kosae20 says:

    Shalam? Lisa, great words of edification’s through the Scriptures, Water and Word of Messiah and the Spirit of the Holy Spirit is enough for us the House of Israel to redeemer Jacob’s seed.

    Pro 11:8 The righteous is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked cometh in his stead.
    Pro 11:9 An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.

    Those who, are lead away by men, through another Gospel that is not of Christ will fall.

  22. Elderyoungone says:

    You are right sister,bless you,we have? nothing to fear.Bless you in Yahuah.

  23. mattypad2 says:

    Not necessarily…? You can buy a prepaid aim card

  24. kahsai6 says:

    Do you have to pay for service? like T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless or can you make calls and text for free??

  25. kahsai6 says:

    Do you have to pay for? service like T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless or can you make calls and text for free??

  26. kahsai6 says:

    Do you have? to pay for service like T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless or can you make calls and text? for free?

  27. MrFusion97 says:

    hey? guys i tried this with other phone calling to my phone but it wont work, thers no notification to tell me whether is calling me or not. pls help

  28. xyglyph says:

    hope it will support for Globe Telecom PH? (128k Sim) soon.

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