FM BELFAST – Underwear (FD Session)

April 15th, 2012

‘Electrocoustic’ session recorded in ‘Le Grenier’ @ the venue La Vapeur in Dijon. Thanks to The band for their kindness, patience, energy and dancing ! Thanks to Gilmur !

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15 Responses

  1. EmilyKane78 says:

    still so cool!?

  2. Kanda3egle says:

    coooooooooool? XDD

  3. phoenix3brian says:

    I love this!? =D

  4. jonnyabc777 says:

    loa with her face clawing look like she takes ALLOT? of cocaine

  5. leslieeunice1 says:

    i love you guys!!!!!!!!!?

  6. zetrok says:

    they should be taking off their clothes just? as in the SXSW version video

  7. klikker1th says:

    Wonderfull! Feeling good after every watch!?

  8. julwk says:

    2:32? castrato?

  9. saraphonic says:

    musta been? cold in there

  10. l00kingGreen says:

    loa is so cute :)?

  11. Tilletier says:

    This song is so good. I like it.?

  12. helladurgaur says:

    he’s not a dj?

  13. yoelidiota says:

    Lo? amo!

  14. SteveFiles says:

    Luv? it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TheBrokenFrog says:

    the dj did the stepping? from side to side through the whole ocncert 😀 it was hilarious

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