FM Static “Last Train Home” (Official Lyric Video)

March 13th, 2012

FM Static’s new album “My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go” will be out on April 5th, 2011 from Tooth and Nail Record. Check out one of their singles “Last Train Home” here!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses

  1. roxasxventus32 says:

    if the song was a pancake? it would be a nice pancake

  2. shawnmacleod100 says:

    Well? if u guys like this shawn why dont i just make the band a webpage i sponser them do i need to make u guys a website

  3. Myownself44 says:

    I felt stupid looking up this song under thousand foot crutch instead of? fm static

  4. MrArtwork24 says:

    FM Static, hands down! :)?

  5. 0Kathaxoxo says:

    14 people weren’t laughing on the last train home..?

  6. YegorDinosaur says:

    14 people are fucking? stupid! -.-

  7. Zhadow900 says:

    @vesely26 I love this song so much, if I could, I would use it to? overload the internet

  8. kingermanfool says:

    Ford? Mustang King Cobra

  9. The96Patricia says:

    2:20? – 2:43

  10. vesely26 says:

    @Zhadow900 hahah..?

  11. Zhadow900 says:

    @Kozmic027 more like? 14

  12. Zhadow900 says:

    @vesely26 BOO!!!! This? song shouldn’t be played mute but instead super loud!!!!

  13. vesely26 says:

    13 people? played it mute

  14. DuffDivr27 says:

    I really like? the style of the video, its like others. its refreshing

  15. vesely26 says:

    @cranemon Inside out ::))?

  16. ForgivingDragon says:

    @Kozmic027 its 13 D: idk? how though :/

  17. Themileylover95 says:

    @ninjazhai30 naman :D?

  18. ehliuren888 says:

    @Kozmic027 now? pluz..5..

  19. jhan18jhan18 says:

    @ninjazhai30? yup ^^

  20. MrLetsPlayGames123 says:

    @Kozmic027? 12 people have seizures

  21. ninjazhai30 says:

    Sikat sa Pinas? FM static no?

  22. angeleetabios says:

    Ah, I missed them. Such? awesome music.

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