FM4 Radio Session mit CocoRosie ORF 2013-06-18

October 19th, 2013

1. After the Afterlife 2. Roots Of My Hair (with RSO) 3. Japan (with RSO) 4. Bloody Twins (with RSO) 5. Far Away (with RSO) 6. End Of Time 7. Harmless Monste…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

TV On The Radio – Mercy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. watje van katoen katoen says:

    Dit is een mooi optreden! Ze zoemen in op een kaal hoofd ! Dat doet de muziek ten goede ! dank ! Dank ! en klap klap !

    (nee vind echt te gek hoor,snap het kale hoofd alleen niet? minuut 33:45 )

  2. orion588581 says:

    This was awesome?

  3. orion588581 says:

    Looks like the band was a bit upset about the? orchestra

  4. Pierre-Marie Besse says:

    Cocorosie is so brightfully inspiring. They crystallise spirit and nature with such a great tenderness and strenght. I think ill always love? them for what they brought to me and all that they’re giving to this world. Watching them playing with these musicians is really pleasant 🙂

  5. 2L3PHAN7 says:

    0:33′ : There’s a list with their other songs. Do you have the video of the? rest of their performance ?

  6. Rafael Divoz says:

    Amasome? !

  7. nopeekingjon says:

    Oh man? Far Away was so awesome

  8. Mazze LeCzzare says:

    I love how the orchestra? is so happy!!

  9. Mazze LeCzzare says:

    CocoRosie keeps me from making my own music but I love them so much, I wish that I could just play with them in their? beautiful wonderful band

  10. Logan Rader says:

    Rip Bob Potato- Death by a Fandom- Mistakes were Made?

  11. Gems the Classy Skeleton says:

    *Turns into a blue soldier,? jumping into the air and teleporting to another server*
    Mentlegen, I happily say no fucks are to be given today.

  12. Fernando Muñoz Rubio says:

    Fake? Players

  13. superfalconpunch2 says:

    ^someone? who gets the idea of Youtube

  14. yclatiouscesar says:

    Go ahead.
    Bitches be bitching.
    Im? just listening to music.

  15. bob potato says:

    I’ll bitch all? i want.

  16. yclatiouscesar says:

    Quit bitching and listen to the awesome music.
    Who? even sees the coment section anyway?

  17. Henriqu3100 says:



  18. ??????? ?' says:

    Rebekah? Mikaelson<3

  19. Panos Sga says:


  20. Kelvin Gouveia says:

    Rebekah Mikaelson brought me? here.

  21. Dhan Raggymuffy says:

    Lovely new upbeat new track. Nice work? guys.

  22. plushiepenguin says:

    Do you really need to? keep coming back here, to reply to people?

  23. plushiepenguin says:

    yes, because the exact same? people comment “robot” each and every day.

  24. mouse454 says:


  25. Viliatheshark says:


  26. MechaBlaze says:


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