Foo Fighters – Stacked Actors (Live on Letterman)

November 25th, 2011

Music video by Foo Fighters performing Stacked Actors (Live on Letterman). © CBS Interactive Music Group, a division of CBS Radio, Inc.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music video by Liviu Hodor featuring Mona performing Sweet Love (C) 2011 Cat Music Media Services Romania

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  1. mayaorton says:

    omg, this somehow the beginning feels like nirvana’s flow, with a modern twist…. or am I thinking too much?

  2. assasain02 says:

    where is the cowbell

  3. Heymcfly82 says:

    @destroyapro hell yeah FUCK COURTNEY LOVE!! Nasty ASS jealous Dave envy crack? WHORE! and holes guitarist “One two three, The Foo Fighters are gay” as he ponces on stage like a twat himself. What a retarded pile of shite band. Courtney Love is such a drug addled waste of space. Them leaving the stage was surely the best? bit of the night… R.I.P Kurt. and ROCK ON FOO!!

  4. quanmandetil says:

    Damn that censoring cut through nate’s bassline 🙁

  5. guitartomyFF says:

    hay una parte del bajo cuando termina el estribo que falta, que paso Nate???

  6. luizfloripa says:

    and that goes especially to courtney love _|_

  7. TreverUndeadXpdX says:

    I love how they look like The Beatles in this.

  8. TreverUndeadXpdX says:

    @pntballfreek Best part of this song is the guitar tuning no doubt.

  9. Tandry25 says:

    I REALLY really like this song :)))

  10. xiluvjtx says:

    what the fuck is up with the audience!

  11. destroyapro says:

    this song goes out to hole, that bitch Courtney, and that faggot guitarist from hole that nobody knows…….

  12. dudefabz1 says:

    idk, but are the people there not allowed to sing along?? of cheer?? like idk anything bout live tv performances but the is boring, i mean come on its the Foo Fighters i’d be singing along and enjoying myself. just my opinion

  13. Bulletformyexie says:

    Great freaking song the Foo Fighters are awesome

  14. Restinwater says:

    @pntballfreek Chevelle plays in drop A

  15. SeanyD810 says:

    sounds like dave grohl brought a piece of QOTSA back w/ him @ 4:11- 4:33

  16. NoStatus93 says:

    auzi la el liviuhodorvevo=)))) nu vad fundalul pe care il are fiecare vevo:))

  17. hype22m says:

    @Canko5807 Greetings from Romania 🙂 Toate cele bune !

  18. UltrErdem1995 says:

    1 haftad?r bunu ar?yorum amk ! 😀 RESPECT FROM TURKEY !!!

  19. Sorinmusiq says:

    This is the best Romainian music! Greetings from Brasov(Romania)

  20. 7TutorialMaker says:

    for all haters..

    Look at dislike bar

    Now look at your penis…What? NO DIFFERENCE!

  21. MrVassy07 says:

    foarte frumoasa piesa ,awesome

  22. sadettincart says:

    Biz Türkler olarak romanlar?n yapt?g? müzik tarz?n? çok seviyoruz.

  23. calizardable says:

    infatuated with romanian music! ?
    greetings from Lima, Peru!!

  24. TheDjjota says:

    Me recuerda a Inna

  25. BoobSisters2 says:

    ?? Love this!

  26. gapetya says:

    i don’t like romanian music…but this is very good

  27. Danerdinho says:

    bütün yorumlar Türkiyeden ne i?:D Aferin lan Romanya .

    Good song, greetings from Turkey 😀 Good job Romania, aferin…

  28. artisticdrywall2011 says:

    this was posted on my bday!!!

  29. vbrazen says:

    superba fata, superba melodie, superb videoclip! 😉

  30. SERKMEN says:

    Romania know this job !!! Loves from Turkey =)

  31. paulianmuri says:

    @Hbk1998G Observ ca nu poti primi nici`un like :))

  32. Hbk1998G says:

    1)Dami like
    2)Da like la melodie
    3)Apasa F13 ! Ce observi? :))

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