FPV – Flying over gorgeous Brazilian coast!

December 29th, 2011

*** Description up-dated. See recommendations of how to get started below *** Collection of my favorites flights in 2009-2010 over Northeastern (Ceará) and Southeastern (Rio de Janeiro) gorgeous coast of Brazil. These images were shot by a micro hi-def camera onboard a radio controlled airplane with live transmission to video goggles, so I can pilot through the cockpit view. This modality is called “Remote Video Piloting” (or FPV – First Person View – within the RC community). Various planes and cameras used, but mainly the Skywalker/Easyglider Pro and GoPro/Aiptek HD1/Jazz178. Music is “Flying in a blue dream” from Joe Satriani. ****************************Recommendations ******************************** Would you like to get into this wonderful hobby? Start by learning to fly RC planes, then you add the camera and video goggle. If you don´t have building experience, I strongly recommend a quality RTF kit (ready to fly) of an electric foam pusher plane (simple, cheap, unharmful). The classic (and still great) choice is the EasyStar RTF, but I currently find the Revolectrix Funjet with built in flight stabilization and 2.4Ghz radio an even better choice. It sells for under US0 online. Once you complete 10 consecutive flights with NO incident (this might take a while, take your time and have fun), you might be ready to start FPV. I suggest the FatShark Goggle aviator kit with 5.8Ghz integrated video receiver and a CCD killer camera. This combo sells for a little over US

RADIO AHPGUJUNG radioahpgujung.tumblr.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Soldier53flyer says:

    You rocked it! ONE FOR THE BEST I have seen. great job I want to see more!?

  2. crazedgamer032 says:

    how long is the range for these r/c? aircraft?! they seem like very long range transmitting distances

  3. Unplugued says:

    Muito bonito mesmo, e o video? está muito bom, mas sendo honesto mete-me um bocado de medo que os empreendimentos turísticos venham a estragar a beleza natural.
    Boa sorte e bons voos.

  4. Nanpa0 says:

    Man …. that was awesome… great? video.. thanks for sharing

  5. dannymiami1000 says:

    Otimo video. Vou por? no meu Facebook Daniel Silveira. DannyMiami. Parabens!!

  6. topbrow says:

    Postei? no meu FB!!

  7. topbrow says:

    QUE BRINQUEDINHO FDP!! Já ví algumas pessoas lá pelo Porto das Dunas brincando, confesso que pelo? fato de não ter motor, não me encantou muito, mas PUUTZ, com camera onboard e pilotar pela transmissão…Ahh ficou diferente.. Já começo a pensar no assunto!! VLWWW.

  8. nomade12345 says:

    LFLoTiTo Demais os seus vídeos. Onde encontro esse kit de transmissão? Você poderia me indicar? Qual é a câmera que? você utilizou, Go Pro?

  9. heliclops says:

    Olá, amigo! muito bom seu video parabens linda paisagens fantastico? musica perfeita valeu **********.
    Forte abraço e fique com Deus.

  10. Pixth says:

    You should have hit one of the guys? flying XD

  11. vegashelinut says:

    Your? videos are awesome man….

  12. GreenAce92 says:

    Fantastic Video, Wish I lived there, great commentary as well, I enjoyed the entire film from start? to finish.

  13. gabeloce1 says:

    @LFLoTiTo Ok,Thank you Very Much! This Video makes me want to go out? flying right now! (Even though its raining 3 inches everyday right now in Florida 🙂 I wish to do some FPV similar to your at the beach, I think your FPV is great!
    ~Gabe L.

  14. bigbusboy says:

    This is wonderful flying, great views.? Beats me in my Airbus A346;)

  15. alexcetera says:

    @skimowhite586 Well, see by this point, for us English is a mix of? German language with some unknown and mechanic another language.

  16. regbatera says:

    Simplesmente incrível, Parabéns ilustre!?

  17. SorryNoNameAvailable says:

    @Antagotube I know right? I don’t want to? hear “what if’s”, I want to see Eunhae actually happening!

  18. MaggieMee17 says:

    Donghae looks like he’s wearing a girl’s shirt? @06:33

  19. MaddieRox2KPop13 says:

    I really liked when KangIn git up and leaned over to Teukkie. That was a really nice veiw of his ass. These guts are just to cute and? funny, I really miss these days. When they were all together.

  20. LPSArtist101 says:

    @LalaDubu321? i think this was when he wasnt an official member yet, and didnt debut yet

  21. MsChidinma says:

    i miss them like this…i remember i was so stuck on suju b4, i still love them, but this days shinee has my love and attention, but suju will ALWAYS be my number one, and i miss kangin and hangeng oppa, suju never fails to put a smile on my face, and i want them on more varieties, they are the? funniest group in k-ent.*sigh* they grow up way too fast, i remember them from back then, even teukie will be 30 next year…and we are growing with them too. shawol and suju hwaiting ^.^

  22. NANANANAification says:

    they were like kids who going? on a vacation to play..<3

  23. bexiu021294 says:

    Aah? teukie is so adorable

  24. kakatja says:

    You? make me laugh sometimes! 😀

  25. LalaDubu321 says:

    This was before Kyuhyun is it??

  26. Antagotube says:

    I’m so glad Donghae is here.? Why didn’t he sit next to Eunhyuk? Lol, it’d be so sweet if they fell asleep on each other’s shoulders 😀

    EUNHAE <3

  27. screaminPirate says:

    Awww Siwon on the phone is? adorable

  28. kikiaegyo says:

    this is 6? times i watching this programs

  29. MiraShio says:

    1:15 “Who will be the last man standing?”

    Super Junior,? THE LAST MAN STANDING! *I make myself laugh sometimes.*

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